Can You Handle The Truth-Part 2

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Can You Handle The Truth Part 2 . . . The Vaccine wasn’t Created to “Save Us” from a Pandemic - The Plandemic was Created so we would take the Vaccine

Can You Handle The Truth? is a video that was divided into two parts. Both videos contain a series of memes and video clips that will share information that you would never see in the mainstream media. Hopefully, it will reveal to you the part that the creation of the Covid virus has played in forcing the vaccines upon the world. These vaccines will be used in depopulation and the total control of all those that survive the effects of the series of shots that will be administered in the upcoming years.

Part one is 48 minutes in length and part two is only 28 minutes long. Share these two videos with your friends and loved ones. They are archived towards the bottom of my "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" web page. That page which has many very important videos sharing information from top doctors and scientists can be accessed at
http://www.dryd.us/vaccine. Sharing this page could be a matter of life or death for someone you care about.

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