A Director of Dominion software linked to Antifa

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A Director of Dominion software linked to Antifa

In an interview with independent journalist Michelle Malkin, Faith Education Commerce United founder Joe Oltman revealed how he infiltrated Antifa, and how during a conversation with Antifa members he discovered “Eric from Dominion”, who worked for Dominion Voting Systems, saying he personally “made sure” Trump would not win on Nov. 3.

Oltman explained that “Eric” was telling the Antifa members they needed to “keep up the pressure.” When Oltman asked, “Who’s Eric?” someone answered, “Eric, he’s the Dominion guy.” Oltman said that as the conversation continued, someone asked, “What are we gonna do if F*cking Trump wins?” Oltman paraphrased how Eric (the Dominion guy) responded, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!” Eric is quite profane so you will see a copious use of the f word in the writings of Eric Commer.

Oltman said he began investigating Eric Coomer, trying to find anything he could about him. Oltman said he finally hit the jackpot when he was able to (legally) access what he claims is Dominion Executive, Eric Coomer’s Facebook page. He learned that Coomer is the Director of Strategies and Security for Dominion software, so he is not just some low level worker with this company. The interview reveals that he has patents on software that controls voting machines. And we also know that he is a stockholder in Dominion software.

What was found in his facebook posts was stunning. Joe Oltman said he never saw such hate and vitriol for America, for Trump and for his supporters coming from someone who is clearly an educated man, having a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics. The video shows some of facebook posts with profanity laced rants and posts of songs about a Dead "Prez" and Dead Policemen. Oltman explained to Malkin that Coomer actually re-posted the Antifa manifesto to President Trump on his Facebook page. Joe Oltmann took screenshots of all these facebook posts in the process of his investigation. It is a good thing that he did, because Eric Coomer has since deleted everything.

It is hard to believe that a hard core anarchist has been director of strategy and security for the company providing the software for voting machines in all the swing states (in addition to 30 other states) that are being proven to be the means of changing hundreds of thousands of votes cast for Trump to showing up in the tabulation totals as votes for Biden. Besides the connections of the Clinton Foundation, Soros, Pelosi and Feinstein with Dominion software, we now know that one of their executives is an Anarchist member of Antifa who wanted to do everything possible to stop Trump from being re-elected.


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