A documentary featuring Dr. Madej

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This documentary features commentary by Dr. Carrie Madej. Dr. Madej talks about the biosensors that are being injected in people as a part of the Covid vaccinations. These biosensors are going to mine data from your body and emotions, interfacing with the 5G cloud and super computers with the goal of controlling everyone in the world. Eventually, that data will be interfaced with a digital currency where you will be rewarded for obedience to the new world order and punished for resistance. By the description of the technology, part of which is named ID2020, it seems like the forerunner of what the Bible calls the mark of the beast, a system which will not allow anyone to buy or sell without that mark.

This is a well done documentary that covers many things that are vitally important for people every where to understand. There are great graphics to reinforce what is being shared. This is a must view video.

You need to warn your friends and family of the dangers of this experimental vaccine. Invite them to view the videos on my page where I am archiving videos that tell the truth from some of the top doctors and scientists in the world. Invite them to visit
http://www.dryd.us/vaccine . This really is a matter of life and death!


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  • Suvir


    1:29 PM, 07-05-2021

    5G isn’t a problem

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    • Daniel

      7:23 AM, 31-05-2021

      Suvir if you say 5G is not a problem, you obviously have not done research on this apart from what the mainstream media wants to tell you. 5G without even considering the connection that will be made with vaccines, is very hazardous to your health. Let me ask you a question . . . did you watch all 55 minutes of this video before you commented . . . or did you comment based upon the mention of 5G in my description, with your preconceived opinion, . . . just to get some score points?

  • Mafaz


    2:47 PM, 23-04-2021

    scary, the techno is going to evil side

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