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As an author, activist, and public speaker, Monica Lewinsky has built herself quite an enviable fortune running in the millions. Being a prominent personality had worked to her advantage, and her business acumen has been quite outstanding. Lewinsky ventured into fashion with her line of handbags and on television, too, as a host for Mr. Personality – a reality TV dating show.

There’s a lot more coming from Lewinsky as the enterprising lady continues to thrive, and her net worth is likely to continue going up. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop of things.





Laura Ingraham’s career is one of the more impressive feats in modern media. She has managed to keep her series The Laura Ingraham Show on-air for more than ten years before moving to Fox News, where she eventually ended up hosting her own program The Ingraham Angle. Both shows have some serious numbers backing them up as the radio show was among the top 5 most listened projects, and the tv slot comfortably holds the top position regularly.

This imposing resume has afforded Laura the luxury of a net worth of $40 million. Furthermore, Laura has also penned some books which contribute to her immense financial muscle.


Parker Schnabel started foraging for precious metals as a child, and later, he joined Big Nugget, a mining company his grandfather operated. He hadn’t even finished school when he found his way under the spotlight, appearing in the Discovery Channel series Gold Rush. His grandfather headlined the show, but after he stepped down in its second season, Schnabel became the show’s star.

Schnabel spent his earlier years in Alaska but eventually, he settled in the Yukon territory. He still appears on Gold Rush, and the 11th season of the show started airing in October 2020. Schnabel’s career has earned him an estimated $10 million.


Savannah Guthrie initially got hired as a correspondent and legal analyst by NBC News in 2007. They later made her the White House correspondent and an anchor on The Daily Rundown, but her most significant breakthrough was becoming the main co-anchor on Today in 2012.

She remains on the show to this day, and sources estimate that her net worth is now at $30 million. The 49-year-old Guthrie doesn’t limit herself to news gigs because she also accepts hosting projects from different shows. In June 2021, she was a guest host on Jeopardy!


Melinda Gates, Microsoft’s former general manager, has consistently been ranked by Forbes as one of the most powerful women worldwide. She is also the other half of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the most prominent private charity in the world as of 2015.

In May 2021, she and Bill Gates announced they’re getting a divorce after 27 years of marriage. Melinda has raised three children together with the business magnate. In her 2019 memoir titled The Moment of Lift, she wrote about the hidden struggles of being the wife of a famous figure. Today, the 56-year-old philanthropist has $2.4 billion to her name.


Nayel Nassar flew under everyone’s radar after he got engaged to Bill Gates’ daughter, Jennifer Gates, in January 2020. But in the world of equestrianism, the professional equestrian is a superstar and recently bagged the 2019 LGCT Hamburg Silver Medal.

Although born in Chicago, Nassar grew up in Kuwait. He first had a taste of horseback riding at five years old and was already jumping at ten. In 2009, he decided to move back to California and graduated from Stanford University four years later. Nassar has been dating Jennifer since 2017.


Whether it is modeling or entrepreneurship, Kimora Lee Simmons knows how to nail them all! Anyone can see the wealth she has accumulated in all these years in her real estate holdings and luxurious cars. With all this, it is no wonder that Simmons is worth almost $50 million.

Despite having all the luxuries and money she could possibly want, the model went back to college in 2017 to complete her business degree and graduated with her daughter. We guess there must be a new Kimora Lee venture in the works – watch out, people.


Jennifer Katharine Gates is Bill and Melinda Gates’ eldest daughter and has set an example for her two other siblings by being a great equestrian and medical school scholar. The 25-year-old Icahn School of Medicine student is currently engaged to fellow equestrian Nayel Nassar. Both of them went to Stanford University.

One interesting fact about Jennifer is that her tech mogul father didn’t allow her to have a phone before turning 14 years old. She shared a statement on her Instagram Story regarding her parents’ divorce in May 2021, asking privacy from her followers as her family navigates through the challenging separation.


It would be fair to say that Lee-Ann Liebenberg is among the most successful African women for the right reasons. Given her popularity for featuring on the covers of prominent magazines, including Sports IllustratedCosmopolitan, and Women’s Health, some outlets estimate her net worth to be around an impressive $1.8 million. Most of it comes from her stints as a stuntwoman, model, and actress, although Lee-Ann is yet to reveal the numbers herself.

To our surprise, the star in her thirties carries extensive experience on both silver and television screens. You might have seen her outstanding acting in Doomsday and D**** Race 2.


Anderson Cooper is a veteran journalist, famous for hosting Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN and with over three decades worth of experience, it’s not surprising that he’s among the most respected journalists in the business. The anchor reportedly earns an annual salary of $12 million, which has accumulated to him being worth over $200 million.

Although he has made massive wealth from his media career, Cooper was also born into a rich lineage, the Vanderbilt family, with his mother worth millions from her fashion endeavors. As such, the journalist inherited some of the money when she passed on in 2019, significantly raising his bank balance.


Before she became the former First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump was a model. She was born and raised in Slovenia. It wasn’t until she grew older that she got to travel while also working. Now she’s estimated to be worth around $50 million.

Melania tied the knot to Donald Trump in 2005. A year later, they had their only child together, Barron. She had worked with agencies like T Models and Irene Marie Models since the ‘90s. According to the Mercury News website, they are now looking for a new house in Florida.


It would be safe to assume that when Kanye West released his first album in 2004, The College Dropout, he didn’t imagine that he’d become a billionaire within less than two decades. Regardless, he’s now estimated to be worth around $3.2 billion, and he owes most of it to his Yeezy collaboration with Adidas.

In fact, the brand alone, according to Business Insider, was worth $3 billion by 2019! There are speculations of a divorce between him and Kim Kardashian, but West has an album scheduled to be released sometime soon, titled Donda. We’re looking forward to seeing how they’ll split their assets, including their $60-million mansion in Calabasas.


As an actor and director, Ron Howard has earned a pretty penny, with a personal fortune running in the hundreds of millions. Where did the money come from?

Well, Howard has been a film director since 1977 and has a hand in several blockbusters such as The Da Vinci Code and Cinderella Man. On top of that, Howard owns a production company and is quite active on the real estate scene with various prime property acquisitions in the recent past. For the father of four, money is the least of his problems; he has more than he could ever need!


Here is the man behind The Terminator, a film that stretched our imaginations and kept us riveted at the edge of our seats. That’s the iconic filmmaker James Cameron in his element, ladies and gentlemen.

He is one of the most well-to-do movie directors of all time, and it’s no surprise he is one of the wealthiest. With about 700 million dollars in his worth, Cameron is unmatched! Then again, this was the man behind Titanic, a film that grossed over two billion dollars at the box office! He deserves it!


Al Roker is one of the most prominent TV personalities in his career that spans over three decades. He is mostly known for reporting on the weather, and with a salary of ten million dollars, the weatherman is making it rain!

The former DJ is also a gifted author with several titles under his name, all of which contribute to his neat fortune of about seventy million dollars. Roker spends his millions on real estate, with his latest acquisition being an idyllic Manhattan mansion and various charity organizations since he holds philanthropy close to his heart.


Josh Hartnett started off with great potential and starred in various movies that ended up putting him in the spotlight. He made his entrance into the Hollywood acting scene almost 20 years ago, and since then, has acted out different roles that made him a very rich actor.

Everyone did predict that Josh’s notoriety would continue to grow exponentially from that point on, but the actor began to decline many movie requests after the 2000s and started to work on independent movie projects as he believes in portraying roles that sent out a good message. Despite all that, Hartnett still stands at a whopping net worth of $25 million.


Harrison Ford’s journey from a carpenter to $300 million net worth is truly an inspiring one. His passion for acting forced him to stay in Los Angeles, which eventually led him to be noticed by various directors and producers. Although Harrison created many profitable movies at the box office, the one that really put him out there was George Lucas’ Star Wars.

Fast forward to now and Harrison’s earnings from The Force Awakens rounds off to $25 million! The legend’s life’s work has enabled him to buy an 800-acre ranch near Jackson and a $5.3 million penthouse. Surely Han Solo’s future is looking great!


Clint Eastwood never knew his journey into the acting world would bring him this far. He accumulated a lot of recognition throughout his career and found his break with Rawhide. Starring in several western movies, he has managed to really beef up his bank account and build a net worth of $375 million alongside the most popular Hollywood stars.

Clint finds himself as the artistic director for several movies and has retired from action himself due to his old age. Let’s just say the man refuses to stop getting rich. He’s considered to be the embodiment of the ’80s western film culture, and we can’t help but agree.


George Clooney started off with his career back in the ’70s and has come a long way since then. His acting seamlessly found its way into the hearts of many and has made him one of the most successful and richest actors in Hollywood. He’s in his late fifties and continues to direct and star in some of the best movies of the past two decades.

George’s half-a-billion-dollar fortune has made him an actual real-life Bruce Wayne. Come on; you can’t expect anyone to forget his memorable performance as the Dark Knight in Batman and Robin. Who knew he’d make his bank balance similar to Bruce’s as well?


Richard Gere’s acting knows no bounds when it comes to talents. He can put on a serious face for an action movie if he wants to or simply make himself the best romantic partner. These acting skills are what helped him amass a fortune of $120 million. The man’s humanitarian side just goes to show that he doesn’t take his money for granted!

Yet, the notable actor has managed to lead a life of luxury and glamor with his wife, Alejandra Silva. He sure hasn’t stopped banking in on the cash through the acting scene, and it doesn’t seem like Gere intends on retiring any time soon either.


In the 80s and 90s, Denis Rodman was one of the NBA‘s most prominent names on and off the pitch. As a player, Rodman was quite the maestro, which reflected in his wages. He once ranked among the top ten earners in the sport, raking in a salary of nine million dollars.

You may ask why the star athlete’s net worth doesn’t match the numbers, right? Well, Rodman was quite the spendthrift, and he didn’t spare any expenses when it came to living large. It saw his net worth plummet, but the man still has some of his savings left, and currently, Rodman’s estimated to be worth around $500,000.


Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah Hamed plays for the Liverpool Premier League club as a forward. He is revered for his speed, finishing, and dribbling skills. His career started with the El Mokawloon club in Egypt before he departed for the Basel club in Switzerland.

Salah soon got the attention of Chelsea who signed him up in 2014 and they also loaned him to clubs like Roma and Fiorentina. Roma gave him a permanent contract worth an estimated $17.5 million and in 2017 he joined Liverpool on a record $47-million-contract.


Floyd Mayweather has seemingly punched his way to a neat fortune, and as one of the most gifted boxers, his net worth aptly reflects that.

With career earnings surpassing a billion dollars, Mayweather is among the wealthiest sports personalities, and he isn’t afraid of spending the millions. Floyd’s real estate and car collection are almost unrivaled, and he likes eating life with the big spoon. We can’t blame the man, though. After all, he earns hundreds of millions of dollars for a single fight! The money may never run out for this superstar, it seems.


If you are into reality TV, you must have heard about Pawn Stars, a television show about buying and reselling artifacts, mostly antiques. The show centers around the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, which the Harrison family runs.

At the helm is Rick Harrison, the family scion who pulls strings. Over the years, Rick has managed to build an empire in real estate and showbiz, which has seen his worth climb up to the heights we see today. What’s more, the money will likely keep on flowing in, given that Rick is as entrepreneurial as he is hard working.


Internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian is well known as the founder of the social news website Reddit, and for such an astute business person, his net worth befits him.

Alexis thrives on solving common world problems in a remarkably intuitive way, and his contribution to society remains unmatched. What’s more, he is always offering guidance and mentorship to upcoming talents in his field. Talk of a man who is never tired of giving! The technology entrepreneur is also a published author, and with multiple revenue streams, Ohanian may never have to worry about his finances going south.


Can you guess who the most prominent female professional racing driver is? That’s none other than Danica Patrick, whose exploits on the racing track are the stuff of legends.

She may have hung her boots in 2018, but Danica undeniably inspired a generation in her wake. By dominating a field where few women have ventured, she broke the perceived barriers, which saw more female drivers participate in the sport. For her efforts on and off racing, Danica is worth an estimated 80 million dollars and an undisputed place in the sport’s history.


Hats off to one of the most talented showbiz personalities of his generation! We are talking about Robert De Niro, whose efforts in the world of film are unparalleled. His accolades speak volumes about the man who made his film debut in 1963’s The Wedding Party, although he was relatively unknown back then. Success was only a matter of time.

When it rained, it poured, and De Niro’s success as an actor was almost unprecedented. As a producer, he has been as successful, with his films grossing over a billion dollars at the box office. Talent and hard work have seemingly paid off for this Hollywood maverick.


Chevy Chase may have grown up in an upper-middle-class household, but he had a troubled childhood. That would probably explain his penchant for humor and how incredibly gifted he is at making people laugh out loud. Even though his acting tenure was short, his stint on Saturday Night Live won him two Emmys and a Golden Globe.

Chase experienced a lot of ups and downs both personally and professionally. Despite it, his net worth easily sits over $50 million, and with his funny bone responsible for earning him that money, is it any wonder he now gets to laugh all the way to the bank?


Woody Harrelson is a consummate actor who appeals to both young and older audiences alike. If you belong to the younger generation, you will recognize him as Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games. Television enthusiasts most certainly can recall his debut as a bartender, Woody Boyd, in the popular sitcom Cheers.

Most of his fortune comes from him being part of some high-grossing movies like The Hunger Games, its sequels, and Money Train, for which he was paid close to $5 million. No wonder Woody could afford the luxurious Beverley Hills mansion in which he lives happily with his wife Laura Louie and their three children.


Keanu Reeves, the actor, does not need any introduction. But are you aware of how incredibly generous he is to all those who have crossed paths with him? In an act of appreciation, The Matrix trilogy star gifted Harleys to each of the movie’s stuntmen, who rarely get the applause they deserve. Now that’s the best way to spend money when one is worth $360 million, right?

Another interesting fact is that the Speed actor was essentially homeless by choice even after 18 years into his career before buying his Hollywood mansion in 2003. Either way, for every bit of self-indulgence, you will find two more acts of his kindness.


Any fan of the popular franchise Star Wars would be familiar with the actor who immortalized his role as the legendary Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker. Before that, Mark Hamill acted in popular television shows such as General Hospital. But it was the decision to accept a role in a sci-fi film instead of another tv series that made him a star overnight.

Not only did the trilogy get him worldwide recognition, but it has also consistently raked in huge windfalls in terms of his share of the film’s backend profits. That’s surely a large chunk off his impressive stash of $18 million.


British actor-director, Tim Roth was only 21 when he got his first television break and paycheck with Made in Britain in 1982. People sat up and noticed him when, two years later, he filled in for Joe Strummer in his first big-screen film, The Hit.

Next Roth moved to Los Angeles, where he caught director Quentin Tarantino’s eye and won himself landmark roles in movies like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction which has continued to swell up his pockets to $7 million. So skilled was he at imitating and switching accents that Tim was often mistaken for an American!


Tim Curry’s net worth of $14 million is proof of how fruitful his career has been. Best known for his iconic roles in movies It and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the charismatic performer earned immense fame after playing challenging characters. His versatility is an added benefit for him as these traits make the revered Brit a much-in-demand star.

We hear Tim has suffered a lot medically that too without having a partner, but thanks to his sizeable fortune, he can get the best treatment in the world. Curry is seventy-four, and we hope his health allows him to come back on screen with a bang!


Owen Wilson has won many hearts, no matter the role he takes up. Whether it’s co-writing The Royal Tenenbaums with Wes Anderson, or making his fans laugh and cry with his performance in Wedding Crashers— he knows how to do justice to his work.

Thanks to his ultimate skill, Owen is sitting on a net worth of $70 million. No surprises there! His fans look forward to the sequel to Shanghai Knights and the much-awaited role in Loki. You can imagine how Wilson’s net worth will shoot up once these highly anticipated upcoming projects are released.


Destined to be in the showbiz, Edward Norton won everyone’s attention after his Primal Fear debut. He tried his hand and luck at many jobs, but the entertainment industry was where he belonged. The superstar has featured in some well-known movies like Fight Club and Birdman which helped him bag even better roles.

Even in his early fifties, Edward is unstoppable, and we are rather glad! To honor his exceptional work, he has received several awards, but there is one more thing to calculate Norton’s progress, and that is his sizeable net worth of $70 million.


He has good looks, refined skill, and an impressive fortune in his name! He is our very own Mark Wahlberg. After bagging some evergreen roles in movies, the A-list leading man has earned a fortune worth $300 million. Lucky for him, Wahlberg has made some investments with this large sum, like his Beverly Hills mansion, and we are pretty confident there is more.

At the age of forty-nine, Mark has a sought-after storied Hollywood career, and his fans cannot wait to see what more is in store. Well, lots of coveted roles and big bucks, that’s for sure.


Ben Affleck, or should we call him Batman, has given back-to-back blockbusters to the audiences. Apart from being a fine actor, he also wears the director’s cap and has directed a classic movie named Argo, which also won an Oscar. There is absolutely no limit to his talent, and even his bank account with $150 million says so.

Many fans believe that he is deserving of bigger paycheques, and we entirely agree. Affleck will shortly reprise his role of Batman once again, no doubt bringing in yet another hefty sum of money for this thriving leading man.


As unbelievable as this may sound, the evergreen actress Sophia Loren is 86 and undoubtedly ultra-rich! Her $75 million net worth tells us everything about her wealth. She can easily afford a lavish lifestyle and make some expensive investments.

The most striking part is that she is nearing the nineties and does not want to give up on entertaining us. Of course, Loren has a loaded bank account and a cupboard full of awards. It is a pleasure to watch this lovely lady onscreen, and we cannot wait to see more of Loren soon.


We lost one of TV’s most hardworking stars that made a mark in the industry with the quality of his outstanding work – Regis Philbin, best known as the former host of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, who passed away at the age of 88! The talented man had a net worth of $150 million by the time he took his last breath.

Owing to his vast fortune, Philbin purchased luxurious properties, the latest wheels, and anything else his heart desired in his lifetime. He may no longer be with us, but Regis will always be remembered for his commitment and dedication to entertain his fans.


Reba McEntire has her name engraved in the list of best country musicians. No wonder she is called ‘The Queen of Country’! The charismatic crooner signed up with MCA Nashville Records initially and rose to fame; even as recently as 2020, Reba signed a brand new deal with them.

The multitalented artist is on a roll and is sitting on a fortune worth $95 million. Being one of the top-most-selling artists in history, McEntire is well-deserving of all this wealth for sure. All we hope is that Reba is making some worthwhile investments for her future as she continues to churn out hits.


She may only be 28 years old, but already, Miley Cyrus has earned a $160-million fortune through her acting and singing. It all started with the Hannah Montana series in which she starred by her father’s side as a teenager. Now, she’s recently released her seventh album called Plastic Hearts in 2020.

Having earned all that money, Miley’s now able to drive around in any vehicle she likes and live in whatever house she sets her mind to. In 2020 she splashed out $4.95-million buying a mansion in Hidden Hills. According to Motorbiscuit, she drives a Mercedes-Benz SL500 convertible and an ML450 hybrid.


Her first album was released in 2008, titled The Fame. She has been consistent in creating chart-peaking songs ever since and has even recently ventured onto Hollywood, with the making of A Star Is Born in 2018. By today, Lady Gaga has earned herself a $320 million fortune.

She gets to live on a 10,270-square-foot mansion in Malibu and recently released her latest album called Chromatica in 2020. Of course, not all of her income is from singing; after all, in 2019, she launched the HAUS Laboratories vegan cosmetics brand.


The former athlete/public figure O.J. Simpson rose to prominence as an outstanding American football running back. And yet, few people think of sports when they hear his name today. After being involved in one of the most scandalous trial processes in Western civilization’s history, Simpson’s life was never the same.

While he was acquitted in that huge trial, he was convicted of a robbery that took place in Las Vegas in 2007. Now out of prison, Simpson saw his fortune decrease over the last few decades, but he’s still worth $3 million. In 2021, Simpson settled in a defamation court case against the owner of Cosmopolitan magazine.


According to Forbes, Taylor Swift should now be worth around $365 million. We’re not surprised by that number, though, knowing how much success she’s found over the years. Within 2020, she released two albums, Folklore and Evermore, and in 2021 she re-released Fearless in her own version.

The Lonny website mentions that she’s invested over $80 million in real estate over the years. After all, who could forget the time she bought a house in Beverly Hills for $25 million? In 2019, she apparently listed her smaller Beverly Hills mansion on the market, seeking $2.65 million.


We’ve seen her act, sing and perform, and to be honest, we can hardly think of one thing that Selena Gomez is not good at. It all started in 2002 when she was ten years old and cast to play on Barney & Friends. Soon enough, she landed a career-shaping role on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place.

Today, she’s on her third album, released in 2020, called Rare. She’s also about to play in In the Shadow of the Mountain in 2021. After all those years she’s spent in the limelight, Gomez is now worth $75 million and lives in a $4.9-million house in Los Angeles, with an 11,000-square-foot interior!


With her eccentric style and an incredible amount of talent, it would have been difficult for Melanie Martinez to go unnoticed. She was born in New York City in 1995 and released her first album in 2015, called Cry Baby. Now that she’s 25, she’s on her second album, released in 2019, called K-12.

So far, Martinez is estimated to have earned an $8-million fortune. On top of her gigantic net worth, she also has quite a large fanbase. In fact, she has over 9.1 million followers on her Instagram account at the moment. In late 2020 she released an extended play called After School.


Cardi B may have only ever released one album, Invasion of Privacy, in 2018, but she’s already earned a $30-million fortune with which to get by. Of course, we’re hardly surprised seeing how many chart-peaking singles she’s made. In 2020 she released WAP, which made headlines, and now in 2021, she released her latest, called Up.

Both of these songs peaked the Billboard 100 in the States. She lives in a $5.8-million house with her husband, Offset, who she married in 2017. Cardi B is only 28 years old, yet already, she made it on Times’ 100 Most Influential People list in 2018.


If we could make a checklist for Sandra Bullock, let’s see what that would be like! She checks the boxes of being a stunner, super talented, and a rich woman. After working with renowned production houses, Bullock has accumulated a fortune of $200 million. Even with lesser roles in today’s time, the celeb continues to remain one of the most skilled actresses.

As fans, you must wonder what Sandra is up to with such a massive amount. Ah, simple! Her $16.9 million worth mansion is one of the big buys she has made with her earnings, and we bet there are plenty more yet to come for this Oscar-winner.


When we talk about some extraordinary work in the music industry, it is impossible to miss out on Lionel Richie’s name. After being a member of the band Commodores, Riche went solo, and that decision certainly went in his favor. The soulful singer is currently in his seventies, and nothing is stopping him from going for back-to-back tours.

Lionel’s hardworking nature and vast experience have helped him become a rich man today. A net worth of $200 million is not a small amount and speaks volumes for his skill. Let us hope the multi Grammy-winner continues to make tours, so we get lucky enough to see him perform live soon.


With over 125 million albums and singles globally, Shakira is one of the most successful musicians alive. Due to her commercial viability, she signed a $300 million contract with Live Nation. This explains her massive $300 million net worth considering the contract had a ten-year period.

Besides just singing, Shakira has numerous feathers adorning her cap, such as philanthropy, songwriting, and a producer, to name a few. One of her side-hustles, The Voice reportedly earned her $12 million. On the other hand, in the last year of her contract with Live Nation, Shakira put up her Miami mansion on the market for $11.6 million, making a hefty profit.


If you watched sitcoms in the ’80s, you are bound to have met Steve Urkel in Family Matters, who was portrayed by none other than Jaleel White. Initially, the character was meant to be a guest appearance, but due to public demand, that changed, and at the prime of his career, this saw Jaleel netting $180,000 per episode.

The sum listed above might seem a little short on this list, but if you factor in inflation, Jaleel netted around $300,000 in today’s conditions. This figure rounds up to a whopping $7 million per season today.


Before the legal settlement that would make her a multi-millionaire, Elin Nordegren worked odd jobs in her home country, Sweden, to make ends meet and finance her education. Eventually, she moved to the US, and the land of the free has been really good to her financially.

In 2010 Elin finally settled her legal dispute and walked away with a wild settlement worth $100 million. Factoring in legal fees and whatnot, the lady still had some serious financial muscle left. After this situation, Nordegren immediately delved into the real estate business, buying a house for $12 million, which later sold for $28 million.


Saying Denzel Washington has had an illustrious Hollywood career is an understatement. The man is a walking legend having a career spanning several decades, and despite his age, he is still going strong.

After building his portfolio with major Box Office hits such as Malcolm XPhiladelphia, and The Pelican Brief, Washington was able to rack up some respect in Hollywood, opening doors for several high-paying roles. For instance, the films Training DayFallen, and The Siege earned him a cool $12 million. Denzel’s momentum has never slowed down, and this is evidenced by his epic net worth, currently estimated at $250 million.


Kelly Ripa’s career stretches as far back as the ’80s, and her time on the small screen has been nothing but illustrious. For starters, she has picked up five Soap Opera Digest Awards, a Daytime Emmy Award, and has even gotten a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The New Jersey-born actress is an all-around treasured community member in her hometown, and Ripa was an inductee into the town’s hall of fame in 2017. Currently, Kelly co-hosts Live! With Kelly and Ryan alongside the highly-rated Ryan Seacrest. This show nets Ripa an average of $22 million per year.


Victoria Beckham’s life is the ultimate goal for any hopelessly romantic career woman. She has managed to switch careers and rebrand herself on multiple occasions and still stayed relevant. Despite marrying David Beckham in 1999, her husband’s fame and fortune have never overshadowed her.

The former Spice Girls member, now averages a net worth of $450 million due to her various business ventures. Victoria has a $39 million mansion in London, and her love for handbags is quite evident, considering her Hermes and Birkin collections alone are worth $1.8 million – Talk about money not being a constraint.


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