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In Victoria, Australia, it’s been illegal to fly a kite since 1966.

Under the Summary Offences Act 1966, it is illegal to fly a kite ˜to the annoyance of any person in public.

Whether this includes people disgusted by others having fun or who just really hate kites is not made clear.

This law is still in effect today, and if you break it, you face a whopping $777-fine.


Thinking of selling your 43-litre fridge in South Australia?

Think again!

Section 58B of the Summary Offences Act 1953 states that you cannot offer to sell, sell, or hire a refrigerator or ice chest or similar that has any compartment bigger than 42.5 litres.

The only exceptions are if every door or lid can be easily opened from the inside of the refrigerator, or if it was manufactured or imported into South Australia prior to 1962.

You must also not dump a refrigerator or other article of this size unless you have removed every door and lid.


It is an offence in South Australia to obstruct or disturb a wedding, a funeral, or any religious service.

It is also an offence to obstruct or disturb anyone trying to get to or leave from any such ceremony or service if it is done in a way that is meant to cause offence and is in some way related to their attendance at the event (Summary Offences Act 1953 (SA) s 7A).

The maximum penalty is a fine of $10,000 .... or imprisonment for 2 years.


A person may not offer a reward in South Australia if they indicate there will be no action against the person.

Section 48A of the Summary Offences Act 1953 makes it an offence in that state to advertise a reward asking for stolen or lost property to be returned where the ad indicates that there will be no questions asked, the person returning the goods will not be arrested or investigated, or that money paid for its purchase or by the loan will be repaid. The maximum penalty is a $500 fine.

A similar offence exists in Tasmania whereby printing or publishing an ad for the return of stolen or lost property which intimates that no questions will be asked, that a reward will be given without inquiry, or that money paid or loaned for the property will be repaid on its return, will incur a fine of up to 5 penalty units (currently $785) (Police Offences Act 1935 s 41).


In Western Australia, it is an offence to possess 50kgs of potatoes.

Section 22 of the Marketing of Potatoes Act 1946 prohibits anyone from selling, delivering, purchasing, or taking delivery of 50kgs (or what appears to be 50kg) or more of potatoes unless you are a member of the Potato Corporation or an authorised agent.

The penalty for breaking this law is a fine of up to $2,000 for a first offence or $5,000 for a subsequent offence in addition to an amount up to twice the value of the potatoes.


You will not make rain!

In Victoria, it is an offence to undertake any rain-making activity unless you are authorised to do so (Rain-making Control Act 1967 (Vic) s 9).

‘Rain-making’ refers to the artificial nucleating or seeding of clouds using a manned aircraft (s 2).


It is an offence in Victoria to vacuum at night - conditional.

You will be in strife if your vacuum cleaner emits ‘unreasonable noise’ from a residential property between 10 pm and 7 am Monday to Friday and 10 pm and 9 am on weekends and public holidays (Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2008 (Vic) reg 6).

The noise will be considered unreasonable if, for example, it can be heard in a ‘habitable’ room in any other residential property regardless of whether they have the door or window open or closed (Environment Protection Act 1970 (Vic) s 48A).


Brisbane residents who don't sweep the footpath outside their homes every day before 8.30 am can be slapped with a $5000 fine.

Under Brisbane City Council's Streets, Bridges and Culverts by-law, homeowners or occupiers must "sweep and cleanse" the footpath outside their property once a day before 8.30 am, except on Sundays or public holidays, or risk a fine up to $5000 and another $500 for each day the offence continues.


In Queensland, you are permitted to set a "spring gun or mantrap" at night inside a residence to protect it from intruders.


It is illegal to crack or use a whip so as to annoy, interfere with or endanger a person, or frighten or interfere with an animal - other than an animal the whip-wielder is using - while on a Queensland road.


Playing a game on a Queensland road like Cricket, ball games, for example, is illegal.

The word "game" was not defined in the QLD Traffic Regulation 1962.


Cyclists in QLD must ride facing forwards and if the bicycle is equipped with a seat, they must not ride the bicycle seated in any other position on the bicycle.

The maximum penalty for the above offences is 20 penalty units or $2,438.


QLD Gold Coast: It is illegal for a woman to wear a bikini that uses more than 6 square inches of material.


In Victoria, the Vagrancy Act 1966 stipulates a person can be found guilty of an offence if they are the occupier of a house or place frequented by reputed thieves.

But that legislation was repealed in 2005.

It was replaced with consorting laws, similar to those found in other Australian states, such as the offence of habitually consorting with a person who is guilty of, or suspected of, being involved in organised crime.


Under Australian Communications Authority (ACA) regulations, a modem can”t pick up on the first ring. If it does the ACA permit for your modem is invalid.


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