A Warning from an unexpected source

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A Warning from an unexpected source

Naomi Wolfe is a radical, left wing feminist whose views and ideology are totally opposite to the Biblical world view that I hold. I could not imagine posting a video of anything that she would share. Yet when I heard this clip I was very surprised at what she said. Evidently she has awoken to the truth of what really is happening with the Covid Plandemic. She has spoken out on platforms like Tucker Carlson that will let her speak about the agenda of the lockdowns and the vaccine. And now in her writings and this fb video she is speaking out about the proposed vaccine passports that have already been implemented in other countries around the world.

She says that we as Americans have one last chance to preserve our freedoms. If vaccine passports are implemented throughout our country and people accept them, not only will basic freedoms be curtailed like freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly . . . but we will very quickly be under totalitarian control that will be, for the first time in history,. . . iirreversible. Find out why in this very important video. Share it with everyone that you can.

To see an archive of videos sharing vital information about the "vaccine" that has been supressed by the mainstream media, the medical/pharmaceutical industry and the government, go to my "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" web page at On this page you will see interviews of the top doctors and scientists in the world whose voices have been silenced. Share this page with anyone you know that has not yet gotten the vaccine. You could be saving their life!


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  • David Jackson

    David Jackson

    9:26 AM, 06-06-2021

    Wow 😮😲

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  • Daniel


    4:19 AM, 03-06-2021

    Whenever someone doesn't want to address the merits of what is said, the go to is always to attack the messenger and throw in the word "conspiracy" somewhere. Posting a twitter feed with some comments attacking Ms. Wolfe by someone with the name "Mangy Jay" and "Methane Mad Man" (not really names that you would associate with someone with credibility) . . . does not at all address what she said. Liberals love Ms. Wolfe when she talks about LGBTQ issues or the importance of abortion . . . but when she talks about having freedoms taken away, all of a sudden she a conspiracist that is persona non grata.

    Suvir, if you cannot see how vaccine passports have already been used in Israel to exercise authoritarian control over the lives of those who will not receive the vaccine, you are blinded to what is going on. The freedom of movement to go where you want to go, . . . freedom of expression, to say what you want to say, . . . and freedom to do what you want to do . . . has been severely curtailed in that country. The vaccine passports now implemented in Israel and other selected parts of the world are already being talked about in parts of the US. Because of a multitude showing up to register their protest, vaccine passports were just voted down in Orange County, California. Thankfully, I don't think that vaccine passports are going to be accepted in many parts of the U.S.

    Suvir, let me ask again . . . did you watch the video? If you disagree, what did she say that you disagreed with? Did you just post a link and click the thumbs down to get a few quick score points without seeing the video? I have asked you to explain your "thumbs down" vote before and you have never responded. What Ms. Wolfe says about Vaccine Passports is pretty straight forward. I would love to hear what part of what she said that you disagree with.

    I will always give you the reason I give you a "thumbs down" on your comments. (It would be nice if you gave me the same courtesy.) The reason I gave you a "thumbs down" is because you didn't comment on anything in Ms. Wolfe's video. Instead you posted a twitter attack on Ms. Wolfe by "Mangy" and "Mad Man," . . . not a very good way to refute this post.

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  • Suvir


    1:23 PM, 02-06-2021

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