A Word of Encouragement

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Biden is sworn in . . . Is all hope lost? . . . OR . . .

Many of you like me, thought we had everything figured out. Before Biden was sworn in, he and many other politicians guilty of treason would be arrested and our Republic would be saved. We couldn't imagine that "the plan" could include Biden actually being sworn into office.

We are in a war for the future of our country. Actions that are taken are never telegraphed to the enemy. Evidently, the actions that I thought were going to happen didn't occur. We know that Trump did not just give up and ride off into the sunset. He knows that the future of our country is at stake, . . . the rescue of hundreds of thousands of children being raped, tortured and murdered is at stake . . . and Trump's own security and the security of his family is at stake.

What people don't realize is that when Trump declared the Insurrection Act, the government was transferred to the military. Trump is not in power . . . Biden is not in power . . . the military is. I just heard that Biden requested intelligence from the Pentagon . . . and the Pentagon refused his request. The massive number of National Guard troops will be in Washington for 30 days. Why? Because arrests will be coming at the right time.

Remember it was 200 high ranking officers that asked Trump to run in 2016. Because they saw what had been done to our country by 8 years of the Obama administration and they knew that Hillary would finish off the socialistic take over of our country . . . they were considering a military coup. But they knew that that would tear the country apart and result in a lot of blood shed. That is why they approached Trump, a man that they assessed could not be bought like most politicians . . . they saw that Trump was a fighter . . . and he loved his country. They convinced him to run for President. Watch this short video and you will understand . . . https://rumble.com/vbd957-q-the-plan-to-save-the-world-1080p60.html

So the military initiated thie "plan" in the first place. Notice that one of the promises that Trump made from the beginning was to "drain the swamp." The first 4 years was all about getting the political swamp creatures to rise up from the swamp and expose themselves and their corruption. That is why Trump allowed the fraudulent election, knowing what they were going to do, years before . . . that is why he allowed the Republicans and Democrats to reveal their treason when they voted, knowing full well that the election was fraudulent, for the electoral votes to go for Biden in the middle of the night. I could share example after example of people like Barr, McConnel, Graham and on and on that looked like they were backing Trump early on who showed that they really were "swamp creatures."  They had to reveal who they really were.

Now everything is now turned over to the military. What they will be doing (on their time table) will be presenting the massive amount of evidence to the American people through emergency broadcasts and to judges as military tribunals will be convened. This will be done with Trump totally out of the picture. Everything will be done legally and constitutionally. We don't know the time table . . . we are at war. It may be days, a week or even up to a month. I am not going to speculate.  Know that just because Trump gave a farewell address before he got on a plane, does not mean he is giving up. Notice that in his addresses the last few days, he referred to the new administraion . . . not the new Biden administration. Trump talked about a brighter day coming, not the dark winter that Biden has promised.  Trump will not be gone long.  I personally think that the military will oversee another election that will not have mail in ballots or Dominion machines to allow corruption. When Trump wins that election by a landslide, there WILL be a new administration (as he talked about in his farewell address) with a new vice president and a new cabinent.

Just know that the purpose of what is going on is not only about Trump winning the election that was stolen from him . . . it is about draining the massive swamp and seeing corrupt politicians being taken out of congress and state governments . . . taking out corrupt judges out of our judicial system . . . taking out corrupt people out of the mainstream media . . . and the removal from society of the corrupt and actual evil people in the entertainment industry . . . and the removal of communists out of our educational system. This has been a sting operation from the time Trump took office. It has taken time to identify corrupt people throughout our nation and gather evidence for a future time of being brought to justice. That time is just about here. Don't be dismayed by what appears as a successful coup of the President and a swearing into office of one of the most corrupt politicians in history. When people find about about his selling out of the country to Communist China for billions of dollars, they will be shocked. There will be many pieces of shocking evidence revealed in the upcoming days, weeks or month. Brace yourself. What is going to happen will cause a violent reaction from the far left . . . but trust me . . . on the other side of what is going to happen . . . we will get our country back.

This X22 Report explains more of what is going on. Watch it and pass to to someone that is confused about what has happened today where, optically, according to all of the media . . . we have a new President. The nation will soon see that Biden is not the legitimate President and is in fact guilty of treason. Be encouraged . . . you have heard the saying, " it appears darkest before the dawn."   It will appear dark in the upcoming weeks, but take courage, things will change.  Having studied Biblical prophecy and written several books on the subject, I am fully aware that there will be a time when America will fall and be assimilated into a global government run by a dictator that the Bible refers to as the beast. But until that time, I believe that God is going to give us a season of grace where freedom will abound in another few years of Trump's leadership. During that time, I believe that God's mercy will be extended and I believe many will come to know Jesus before the dark times referred to as the Great Tribulation engulf America and the world.

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Be greatly encouraged . . . With God before you . . . who can be against you!


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