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There is probably a ton of overlap between people who love solving Rubik's Cubes and those who build Lego robots, so it's not too much of a surprise that somebody finally figured out how to build a Lego robot so fast, it beats the Rubik's Cube world record.

Named CubeStormer III, this brilliant little robot solves cubes in just 3.253 seconds. That's insanely fast, especially considering it's just made of commercially available Lego parts. The brains of the robot are a normal Samsung Galaxy phone. Its processors use an app to figure out how to solve the cube. The phone's on-board camera constantly watches the spinning cube to feed info to the phone brain, and little Lego robot arms do the rest.

Watching CubeStormer III work is amazing, especially considering how fast the little robot arms work. Remember, these are made completely out of Lego, which we never knew could move so fast. Also, unlike humans, CubeStormer III can inspect the cube and figure out the solution while still moving its robot components. To the dismay of lots of Rubik's enthusiasts, CubeStormer III is clearly superior to them. If it doesn't gain sentience eventually, we will be way disappointed. Robot Emperor CubeStormer III is definitely worthy of the title.


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