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Lynnae Erick: 50-year-old Canadian woman dead seven days after experimental Pfizer mRNA injection

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  • Suvir


    3:17 AM, 05-06-2021

    Her closest friends and family are saddened that false claims about her death are being made and their lives threatened

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    • Daniel

      11:43 AM, 05-06-2021

      I guess this is another "coincidence." Someone takes the shot and days later they are dead. Her facebook posts which document her downward spiral day by day were clear that she connected what was happening to her with the vaccine when she said, "I wish I had never taken the vaccine." It is also clear that in her facebook posts she never mentioned that anything that was happening to her body was a result of a pre-existing illness that she had. If you are spirally downward so quickly, it seems to me that if you had a physical condition that was the cause, that you would mention it in the facebook posts.

      There are multiplied billions of dollars at stake now and at least a trillion dollars at stake as the vaccines get out to the whole world. There can be no news story that would discourage people from taking the vaccine. One thing you will find common among many of the news stories of the reported deaths is that family or friends reportedly insist that it was not the vaccine that killed them. That happens even when that explanation makes no sense. I am convinced the families are paid off and/or threatened to make sure that the narrative that the vaccines are safe continues to be affirmed. An example is the death of former middleweight champion Marvin Hagler. His friend Tommy Hearnes posted that Hagler had just received the shot and was now in ICU having severe complications. Hearnes asked for "positive thoughts and prayers for his friend" while he was in ICU. He was only in ICU a matter of hours before he died. Shortly after his death, his family released a statement that Hagler died of "natural causes." It is clear from the Instagram posts that Hagler did not die of natural causes. So what compelled his family to release an official statement that did not line up with the Instagram posts? Money? Threats? We will never know. But one thing is for sure. Hagler did not die of "natural causes."

      It is going to be harder and harder to sell the "death by natural causes" narrative for these vaccine related deaths . . . as the death toll climbs.

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