Adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccine - MUST READ

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VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The website is: and it is a US government division of the Department of Health and Human Services.

I would strongly recommend that each and every one of you take a look at the data available. First click on this link: and then scroll to the bottom and click the box about the VAERS Data database.

That will take you to the following page:

There you can download the ZIP Files for the hard data regarding symptoms, adverse effects and other data available in the database.

There is a LOT of data in these files and it is just a fraction of the total data available.

WARNING: When you go through this data  ( official US Government Data ) you will find some incredibly disturbing results and it becomes clear that thousands of people have died as a result of taking the Covid-19 vaccine between late 2020 and April 2021. This is not some conspiracy or some doctor with questionable credentials trying to claim 15 seconds of fame. These are actual facts. Make up your own mind and do your own research please.

Finally..  I spent countless hours going through this data to make sure the research was done correctly. I cross checked with other databases and medical information. It has left me absolutely terrified and I'm not one to frighten easily. While I could easily render my own advice to all the readers, I am not a medical doctor or medical professional and therefor hesitate to do so. So again, please do the research yourself.

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  • Daniel


    4:52 AM, 19-05-2021

    The VAERS database is shocking! There are more adverse events and deaths from the covid shot than from all the other vaccines in history combined.

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  • Mafaz


    11:37 PM, 08-05-2021

    most are side effect, if its huge or little

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  • Suvir


    9:33 PM, 07-05-2021

    One thing to keep in mind is that most medication has side effects. In a few rare cases it can be extreme. When medication is not tailored to your specific physiology and it’s given in such high numbers across the world after such a short time in development, the risks are higher that a number of people will have adverse reactions. The same goes for those contracting the disease itself. It then becomes a matter of one number against the other ie the lesser of two evils.

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