America - A Bastion of Freedom and Opportunity

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As 2020 drew to an end, a British-born American patriot was preparing to become a US citizen. His tribe of friends and colleagues hoped for a grand ceremony in Washington, DC. God and fate had other plans and yesterday (October 13, 2021), with no fanfare, nor ceremony, nor friends and family in attendance; a great man was added to the population of American citizens.

The new American patriot wrote this letter to his Mother-in-law who was saddened that there was no formal ceremony to mark the occasion...

May each and every person blessed to be an American appreciate the gifts of freedom and opportunity as earnestly!

"It was a very big day for me.

It has been a long process and something I’ve aspired to since I was a kid in high school.

I grew up in a place and a culture where it was clear I was never going to get anywhere because my parents, good regular folk that they are, weren’t sufficiently lofty to permit access into the strata where things really got done.

So I set my sights on the beacon of freedom, liberty and meritocracy. The place where hard work and dedication would pay off. The United States of America.

It was definitely the right decision because the elites in the UK were busy selling out the middle and lower classes to socialism, which is apparently a fairly typical transition for post-monarchic systems.

The elites always protect and elevate themselves of course. Meanwhile they conspired to flood the country with immigrants that further marginalized regular citizens, and crime soared.

The Police and intelligence agencies became politicized, as did the media and the education system. Justice is no longer applied equally and skin color is a primary factor.

Children are told that transgenders are normal and must be accepted as such, and the media serves only to push sanctioned propaganda.

It’s part of a psychological operation to confuse, disorientate and reduce the lower classes into confused and frightened obedience.

All of this probably sounds very familiar to Americans now.

This also explains why I have fought as hard as I have in recent years to protect the ideal that served as my inspiration since childhood; I’ve seen all of this, every single move in the playbook, already. And I know where it ends.

Thankfully we still stand a chance of winning the battle here. America is still overwhelmingly sane, we have not yet passed the tipping point and I don’t believe God has given up on us quite yet.

Our children and their children can still grow up in a free America and enjoy all the tremendous privileges that we do (which most take for granted) because we won’t let the perpetrators of evil carry out their plans unimpeded. The longer this goes on, the more Americans will wake up to what is happening and I do believe they too will resist it.

I believe this is part of what God always had in mind for me. It certainly explains why I grew up so different to everyone else around me and was given the talents and drive I have.

So, irrespective of the lack of any proper ceremony, I’m very glad to play my part, and especially proud to do so officially as a U.S. citizen."


  • Ray Cooney

    Ray Cooney

    3:00 AM, 15-10-2021

    The Tipping Point may be closer than you think! It is not just the USA that needs this awakening but every part of a FREE World that believes that all people deserve the chance to be free and unencumbered by those who would enslave and manipulate humanity.

    I am a proud Australian born from ANZACS who fought alongside our brothers from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and my brothers from the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea. A deep respect for those Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels of Papua New Guinea who saved so many Diggers!

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