Apple Watch Series 7: Everything We Know So Far

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The new Apple Watch Series 7 will likely release alongside the next crop of iPhones later in 2021, but it's never too early to speculate.

Last year's range of Apple Watches included the Apple Watch Series 6 and the more affordable Apple Watch SE. It's possible Apple may continue the trend of a premium and budget model with its smartwatches but we won't know more until an official announcement is made.

In the meantime, here's what the leaks and rumours tell us about Apple's next smartwatch


The Apple Watch saw its most significant design change between the Series 3 and Series 4 but a leak suggests a similar shift could come to the Series 7. According to 9to5 Mac, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that a "significant form factor design change" will come to the Apple watch in the second half of 2021 at the earliest.

Notable leaker Jon Prosser has also revealed renders of this alleged new Apple Watch design which show flatter sides. There's also rumours Apple may release a green colour option.

graphical user interface: Image: Jon Prosser via MacRumors

a close up of a cellphone: Image: Jon Prosser via MacRumors


MicroLED might be all the rage in televisions lately, but older rumours suggest this technology could also come to the Apple Watch. Both Bloomberg and DigiTimes have reported on this news in the past, but we've been through a couple of generations of Apple Watch since without this coming to fruition.

Both reports seem to indicate that Apple has been in talks with Taiwanese display manufacturers to eventually bring MicroLED panels to Apple Watch. Whether it will be the Series 7 or another watch down the track is still TBD. If the watch is indeed getting a design overhaul it makes sense it would get an updated display as well.

Digital Crown

Rumours have been circulating for some time that the Apple Watch may transition its Digital Crown into a Touch ID scanner. Apple Insider reports that a patent filed by Apple indicates it could replace the digital crown with a touch-sensitive surface to allow users to unlock their watch.


Yet another Apple patent suggests that a small design change could come to future Apple Watches to make space for a larger battery. The patent suggests that the Apple Watch could combine its battery and haptic feedback engine into one component. Without the haptic feedback component taking up space, it frees up the Apple Watch to install a larger battery that holds a longer charge.

Apple Watch Series 7Features

Blood sugar monitoring

A major selling point of the Apple Watch each year is its upgraded health features. We in Australia may only have just received ECG monitoring but a report suggests that Apple will be adding a blood sugar sensor.

It's possible this sensor will make use of the inbuilt infrared sensor of the Apple Watch which would create a non-invasive way of testing blood sugar levels. If this report is true, blood sugar monitoring will likely be one of the key selling points of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Wrist ID

In something cool and also weird, a patent filed by Apple suggests it may be looking into a Wrist ID system for Apple Watch. This would mean Apple Watch owners could unlock their watch without the need for a passcode. The new component would allegedly shine a light onto a user's wrist which can map individual veins, similar to how Touch ID maps your unique fingerprint.

Take note that this is just a patent at this stage and could just be a case of Apple trialling technology that never sees the light of day.

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date and Pricing

Last year, the Series 6 Apple Watch retailed for $599 and the Apple Watch SE started at $429, however, this was actually a slight price drop from previous generations. It's unknown if Apple will keep to this new pricing model or raise its prices to return to pre-pandemic numbers. It will likely come down to whatever features the Series 7 introduces.

Nothing is set in stone yet but if Apple adheres to tradition then the Apple Watch Series 7 will be announced at the same time as the next iPhone in September or October 2021.


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