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The Aunty Jack Show was a Logie Award-winning Australian television comedy series that ran from 1972 to 1973. Produced by and broadcast on ABC-TV, the series attained an instant cult status that persists to the present day.

The lead character, Aunty Jack was a unique comic creation — obese, mustachioed, and gravel-voiced, part trucker and part pantomime dame — who habitually solved any problem by knocking people unconscious or threatening to "rip yer bloody arms off". Visually, she was unmistakable, dressed in a huge, tent-like blue velvet dress, football socks, workboots, and a golden boxing glove on her right hand. She rode a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and referred to everyone as "me little lovelies" — when she was not uttering her familiar threat: "I'll rip yer bloody arms off!", a phrase which immediately passed into the vernacular. The character was devised and played by the multi-talented Grahame Bond and was partly inspired by his overbearing Uncle Jack, whom he had disliked as a child, his grandfather Ben Doyle, and Dot Strong the ABC's last official tea lady.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'பLEEO AUNTY JACK SAYS: HANDS OFF THE ABC OR SHE'LL RIP YOUR BLOODY ARMS OFF'


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