Australia’s secret swimming spots these are all part of Australia's Ecosystem

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Australia’s secret swimming spots

These are some of Australia's secret secluded swimming places. If you love finding your own secluded spot to unwind and enjoy the pristine waters, this gallery is for you! Take a look at Australia's best-kept secrets, these tranquil waterfalls, beaches, and lagoons are hidden away from prying eyes.

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Killen Falls in Ballina, NSW - A short drive from Ballina and Byron Bay, Killen Falls is a sacred swimming hole surrounded by charming rain forest. You can even sneak into the cave behind the waterfall and watch the water cascade. This is now an area where land prices have skyrocketed as the famous and infamous from Hollywood either move here or vacation here.

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Millaa Millaa Falls - Not too far from Cairns and Innisfail, Millaa Millaa Falls is surrounded by lush greenery and colourful flowers. A little escape from reality. Just imagine dipping your toes in this beautiful setting or just floating on top of the water.

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Another glimpse of Millaa Millaa, QLD - It is the first waterfall of three on a walking track of the Millaa Millaa area. And if you're lucky, you might see a platypus or two!

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Florence Falls - Litchfield National Park is home to some of Australia's most beautiful natural formations. Florence Falls is one of them. Time to have a play under the waterfall.

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Litchfield National Park, NT - Take a refreshing dip under this double waterfall, just a short walk from the car park. At the top of the falls, there is also a beautiful lookout point. Magnificent scenery all within walking distance of the car park, what more could you ask for.

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Want to do figure eights in these figure eight pools? Figure 8 Pools - The fascinating result of two sinkholes merging, Figure 8 Pools at Sydney Royal National Park is a sight to behold. 

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Definitely not a place to take lightly without making sure that you can do it! Sydney Royal National Park, NSW - But it's not easy to get to! If you plan on visiting the pools you need adequate walking shoes for a 2.5km walk, and check conditions because it can only be reached safely at low tide.

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Gunlom Falls - A part of Waterfall Creek in Kakadu National Park, Gunlom Falls is a natural infinity pool that overlooks its magnificent surroundings. This magnificent area is special. 

Connect with the oldest living culture on earth.

“Our land has a big story. Sometimes we tell a little bit at a time. Come and hear our stories, see our land. A little bit might stay in your hearts. If you want more, you come back.”

— Jacob Nayinggul, Manilakarr clan

Due to heavy rain and high water levels, all access to Gunlom including the campground and lower plunge pool, has been temporarily closed for safety reasons.

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Kakadu National Park, NT - The lowest tier is most popular and can get crowded, but a 15-minute climb will reveal secluded waterholes at the top of the falls.

Australia’s secret swimming spots

Babinda Boulders - South of Cairns, Babinda Boulders is a gem like no other. It has cold water all year round so it is the perfect place to cool down from the North Queensland heat


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