Biden panders for Muslim vote-promises to reverse the ban on terrorists on day one

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This is a video produced by the million muslim vote coalition that features Biden speaking to them and saying that he will reverse the muslim ban on day 1. Understand that the only ban of Muslims coming into this country is a ban of Muslim terrorists. Biden also promises to let the "Muslim voice be heard in his administration." Then the video shows the kind of Muslims he is talking about when it shows pictures of the anti-Semetic congress women, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tliab.

The narrator says, "2020 is our year. We can see clearly that America is fighting for it's very soul." Then Biden says, "We all come from the same root here in terms of our same in terms of our fundamental basic beliefs." Really? Joe, you do know that Muslim beliefs, according to the Koran, encourage the killing of infidels, those that are not Muslims. The Koran also allows for the use of lying and deception to achieve their goals. Well, Joe, looking at that maybe you and the democratic party do have the same belief system.

This is an ad for the largest Muslim voter mobilization in America, called One Million Votes. They obviously feel that this is their opportunity to make great inroads in taking over more parts of America with Sharia law like they have done in parts of Michigan.

I think it is interesting that this election, unlike others in history is bombarding people with a "Get out the vote" message. Every page you go to on social media has that "You Need To Vote" message. Ads for this same message are on all the TV networks, repeatedly echoed by all the sports leagues and all the sports stars. Why do you think that is? Certainly it is a seemingly patriotic message. But actually it is an attempt to motivate those that normally don't get out to vote, which numbers wise, include far more democrats than republicans. More often than not, there are segments of the democratic base that do not get out and vote . . . like the young, minorities and low income citizens.

Social media working in concert with mainstream media, hollywood and sports know that if a greater percentage of the young, like students ... minorities like the above mentioned Muslim block of voters ... and those that are low income, turn out in large numbers, they are likely to create a democrat victory and an overthrow of the Trump administration in favor of a socialist regime.

Because this "get out the vote" message seems so neutral and patriotic, most people are not aware of what it's real purpose is. No other election has ever had a bombardment of this message every where you turn like this election. The radical left democratic party knows that this is the time for their end game. It is all or nothing. They are pulling out all the stops.

The future of our country is at stake. If Biden and Harris win this election our freedoms will rapidly erode and our economy will collapse within a year's time. So if you value your freedom and want a future, your only choice is to vote for President Trump. Even if you don't personally like his style, what he has done for this country, at great personal sacrifice, and what he promises to do in the future, makes Trump the only viable choice in the upcoming election. He is the only President in my lifetime who has kept all of his campaign promises. He will do so in the next four years as well. Heed the message you are seeing everywhere and do vote . . . but vote for the only candidate that will ensure that we have a future as a country . . . vote for President Trump.

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