Biden's interviews are rigged ... He uses teleprompters to answer pre-prepared questions!

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Joe Biden is a deceiver. Aided by the mainstream media, Biden is doing many of his interviews with the aid of a Teleprompter and pre-prepared questions from the interviewer. You might say, that is quite an accusation. Just watch this video to see multiple times where it is clear that he used a Teleprompter. For a presidential candidate to deceive the American people and make them believe that both the questions asked and the answers given were spontaneous is unbelievable!

It is clear that Joe Biden has lost some of his mental acuity but to use the aid of a Teleprompter to hide his deficiencies is unconscionable. The American people need to know how any presidential candidate can spontaneously communicate articulately and think quickly and clearly in any interview situation.

This video proves that Joe Biden is not being honest, using outright deception to make people believe that his communication skills have not deteriorated. What he is doing should be a major scandal. But because the mainstream media is colluding with him to do it, his crimes are not exposed by any news network. There was visual evidence that Biden had an ear piece on during the first presidential debate. Yet no one said a word about it. This video needs to be shared all over the Internet. Please like comment and share to help get this evidence out to the people of this country before the election.

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