Biden's 'not Trump' strategy playing out perfectly — partly thanks to Trump

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How does every Joe Biden campaign staff meeting start? I imagine everyone takes a solemn oath not to blow the election. And so far it’s working. If Biden has made any mistakes, it has been leaving his basement too often.

Facing any candidate or incumbent other than President Trump, running out the clock would be a highly risky strategy — but Trump keeps sabotaging his own momentum and has shown no aptitude for self-discipline.

Even more important, the national mood, which benefited Trump in 2016, is a drag on his prospects in 2020. The simple rule of thumb for campaigns is that undecideds go for challengers. After all, the incumbent is a known commodity and re-elections are mostly referenda on the incumbent. Essentially, if a given voter hasn’t decided for the incumbent as Election Day approaches, the voter will either vote against the incumbent or not vote. That is bad news for Trump, who lags in national and swing state polls.

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  • Daniel Rydstedt

    Daniel Rydstedt

    12:32 AM, 17-09-2020

    This is another propaganda piece by a mainstream site. The polls cited are no more accurate than they were in 2016. Polls can be skewed by what questions are asked, how they are worded and who answers them. People vote their pocket book. Biden promises to raise taxes, ... make people pay the Obamacare mandate again ... support universal health care and the new green deal which will raise taxes even higher over time . . . and get rid of fracking which will at least double gas prices.

    Trump on the other hand, cut personal taxes, cut regulations so the economy boomed giving unprecedented low unemployment, created energy independence resulting in historically low gas prices (I just paid $1.73/gal) ... and recently he cut payroll taxes.

    When you look at the massive attendance at the Trump rallies in state after state and the minuscule attendance at Biden rallies it is hard to believe that these polls are accurate. People may not say they are going to vote for Trump, but when they are in the privacy of a voting booth, it will be a different story.


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