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Kerosene blowlamp has a cylindrical brass fuel reservoir with a steel burner and handles attached to it. "KWPR" is scratched in the base, which has a small dent in the rim near the front. "DARLTON" is impressed in the side of the lid for the fuel reservoir.

Statement of significance The Snowy Scheme - Stan Goodhew Collection consists of a blowlamp as used by Stan when working as an electrical fitter on the Scheme in 1954. The Snowy Scheme is Australia's largest engineering work and one of the great engineering feats of the world. Designed to produce irrigation water and electricity, the Scheme took 25 years to construct, 1949-74. Including 7 power stations, 16 dams, and 225 kilometres of aqueducts and tunnels, the Scheme was built by a workforce of 100,000 people, two-thirds of whom came from overseas. The scheme played a major part in making Australia multi-cultural, and also in developing Australia's manufacturing, technical, and engineering capacities. This collection helps to remind us of the role of individual men and women in such a massive undertaking. The blowlamp illustrates the work of tradesmen on the Scheme and it was used at Eucumbene Portal, part of the massive Eucumbene Dam project.

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