Divorce Boom in progress as lockdown sees divorce lawyer inquiries rise astronomically.

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The coronavirus pandemic is creating an "enormous strain" on relationships, an advice charity has warned, with family lawyers predicting a "post-lockdown divorce boom". Citizens Advice said views on its divorce webpage on the first weekend of September were up 42% compared with the same date in 2019.

Slater and Gordon said the pandemic had "exacerbated" marriage problems. The law firm said an increase in conveyancing instructions was "signalling an increase in couples separating and wanting to sell their properties".

It said September was "ordinarily a busy month for family lawyers" as couples would often "attempt a last-ditch summer holiday" before ending their relationship.

Family lawyer Georgina Chase said about 40% of matrimonial enquires she had received had been from couples separating because of issues in relationships being "exacerbated" during the lockdown.

"It's an extreme change of circumstances for spouses and any issues in the marriage have been compounded by lockdown, that's where we are seeing the increase," she said.

"It's the straw that broke the camel's back."

Ms Chase said the increase in cases meant a "backlog" was forming in courts' administration.


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