Electric refrigerator by Rotafrig Pty Ltd

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The 'Rotafrig' was an Australian-made refrigerator produced in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo by Rotafrig Pty Ltd from at least the late 1940s until 1954. The interesting feature about this refrigerator was its unusual circular design with revolving internal shelves. In 1947 it was advertised as "The most revolutionary refrigerator ever designed with a 14 position thermostat from defrosting down to Antarctica...Revolving Shelves…everything at your fingertips - everything convenient - no more unloading and reaching - out with stooping…Lift-out Sections…one segment of each shelf lifts right out – now the sky's the limit for those tall jugs that wouldn't fit…Totally Enclosed Lifetime Unit…Rotafrig power unit is totally enclosed and sealed. No belts, no pulleys, no trouble. Rotafrig unit operates with silky silence on a 3-point spiral spring mounting."

The domestic electric refrigerator was the final culmination in keeping food fresh and safe to eat in the hot Australian climate. Before people had fridges, they used meat safes, butter coolers, and Coolgardie safes which did not actually cool the food. Next came ice chests and then kerosene-powered refrigerators which were used where electricity was not available. Electric refrigerators remained a luxury and did not become commonplace in Australia until the 1950s with greater prosperity and the widespread availability of electricity.

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