FDC’s Joyce Ssebugwawo was revealing contents of our meetings to Museveni- Bobi Wine

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FDC’s Joyce Ssebugwawo was revealing contents of our meetings to Museveni- Bobi Wine

The President of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has made a revelation that the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Deputy President Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo continuously leaked secrets of meetings to a source in the central government.

In a long thread New Year message, Bobi Wine claimed that his camp and several opposition parties tried umpteen times to forge a unity force but certain people in the same opposition frustrated the process.

While Bobi Wine did not mention different names, he singled out Ssebugwawo, whom he accused of luring them to meetings while at the same time contacting Museveni.

Bobi Wine claims meetings that Ssebugwawo called were meant to derail and delay them in the guise that she was seeking unity in the opposition.

“It later became apparent that some of the actors were in fact not interested in our unity at all, but were using those meetings and engagements to derail and delay us,” Bobi Wine said.

“In fact, one of the last and most important meetings we had to discuss the question of unity took place at the home of Owek. Joyce Ssebugwaawo, now Museveni’s minister. It was later on that we established that all along she had been in touch with the regime, although she was a Deputy President of a major opposition party,” Bobi Wine added.

The presidential contender insists that he and his camp sat in more than fifty meetings with opposition leaders with an aim of tackling President Museveni with a single candidate, but many of his colleagues were comfortable playing in their own space.

“Some of these people were not necessarily working for the regime but felt that if we had a political party, we would take over their space. You can imagine!” he said.

“While we are busy fighting to see the regime down, some actors were very comfortable with their positions within the opposition!” he added.

Ssebugwawo was consequently appointed state minister in charge of Information, Communication Technology and National Guidance in Museveni’s government, a position she accepted hence forfeiting her position in the FDC.

Museveni has recently bragged that he is in touch with many members of the opposition and that he would have no opposition by 2021.



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