Federal judge blocks Parler's bid to be restored on Amazon Web Services

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So our esteemed founder and architect predicted this would happen months ago and yet everybody was shocked and surprised. We could see this coming from a mile away. No matter how Parler represented itself, the amount of garbage posted on that platform was just too much to ignore.

So today a federal judge has denied Parler's request for a court order blocking Amazon from kicking the social media app off its platform, marking yet another setback in Parler's efforts to get back online.

Judge Barbara Rothstein issued a ruling on Thursday saying that Parler had not met the legal requirements for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction.

That decision does not end the litigation, but it does mean that the court will not force Amazon Web Services to allow Parler back onto its cloud hosting platform. Amazon's move effectively kicked Parler off the public internet.

Parler, the alternative social media platform favored by the far-right, had sued AWS earlier this month after AWS claimed Parler did not do enough to remove instances of incitement from its website.

Amazon previously said Parler's lawsuit has "no merit" and argued in a legal brief that Parler had "demonstrated unwillingness and inability to remove from the servers of Amazon Web Services ('AWS') content that threatens the public safety."

Parler CEO John Matze said in a court filing Monday that Parler does not have the resources to host itself on its own servers. Parler tried to seek a hosting alternative to AWS from at least six different potential providers after it became clear Amazon would no work with it, but Parler was turned away, according to a court filing.

Parler's website suddenly reappeared online Sunday afternoon with a message from Matze: "Hello world, is this thing on?" It remains unclear who may actually wind up providing the servers on which Parler's social network will run.

It's not that Parler had bad or malicious intentions. They tried to do the right thing but they completely underestimated how the game is played.

Personally I hope they come back on and continue to fight for free speech and combat censorship. We need more champions fighting for our rights to express ourselves. But they have to find a way to make sure that the good does not get overshadowed by the bad.

Good luck Parler!!!


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