Fowler's Vacola

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The Fowler's Vacola system uses glass jars, single-use rubber ring seals, and pressed metal lids, much like American Mason jars first patented in 1858, except that the jars and lids are not threaded. During the canning process, while still hot (and presumably sterile), the lids are secured by metal tension clips which are removed once cooled and a vacuum seal has formed.

Other equipment marketed by the company included a large electrically heated water bath and "sterilizing thermometer", a glass thermometer mounted on a concave stainless steel backing, graduated in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The system was developed in 1915 in Melbourne, Australia, by Joseph Fowler (28 February 1888 – 24 April 1972), who migrated from England in 1912, at his home in Hawthorn, Victoria, and became very popular.

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