Gambia: Selfish And Grudge Minded Politicians Programmed The Minds Of Unconscious Citizens.

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Through ill-wish, most politicians had programmed falsehood in people’s minds, that whoever failed to challenge Former President Jammeh outwardly or openly shall not serve the government, that statement is not found written in the constitution, therefore, is not a provision but a corrupt concept.

The APRC Regime emerged in 1996 through the presidential election, as a democratically elected government that makes it legal and constitutional for Gambians to work in the APRC government.

The 1997 constitution has given the right to the citizenry to choose any political party or candidate they desire, likewise to oppose any political party or candidate.

It’s crystal clear that as per the 1997 contribution that it’s not a crime or an offense to work in the APRC government.

Those accused of committing crimes are innocent unless found guilty in a legal court.

The law doesn’t give any room to punish innocent people for the misdoings of those who have committed crimes.

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