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Rep. Louie Gohmert talks about SYTL computer fraud, what it will take to win in court and What we can do to save our Republic

In this interview on the Charlie Kirk Show, Congressman Louie Gohmert shares how he discovered computer voter fraud in the 2018 election through a system that was used called SYTL. He then gets us up to date with the computer fraud that was rampant in the recent election from the Dominion, Smartmatic and SYTL voter systems. To learn more about SYTL read this article . . .

Rep. Gohmert, a former Appellate judge, then discussed how much proof would be needed to get a favorable ruling in a federal or supreme court. He also discussed the possible scenarios that could happen as the Trump litigation moves forward.

Lastly, he answers the question of what the average American, who loves his country, and is frustrated at what is happening to steal the election . . . can do. This is a very important part of the video. Pay special attention to the Winston Churchhill quote. The fate of the Republic is truly at stake, we can fight for our freedom now when there is minimal pain, or wait till we are oppressed living in a socialist state where the fight to get back freedom could cost you your life.

Please share this excellent interview of one of the few true patriots that are left in congress with your friends.

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