Honest News Sites Way Better Than Mainstream Media

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1. The Corbett Report
With over 1,000 episodes, the Corbett Report has most definitely earned its reputation as one of the hardest-working and most-trusted alternative news sources in the world. The Corbett Report has uniquely developed its own team of investigative fans who do primary research on the site’s most-requested topics. The information is archived and analyzed by James Corbett, who then turns the sources into an easy-to-understand video news report that always has tons of references in the show notes. Preferring to describe the service he provides as open-source intelligence, the Corbett Report has been one of the best honest news sites around for many years.

best alternative media sites

2. Press For Truth
Dan Dicks is your humble host on this channel. Based in Vancouver, it’s no surprise that PFT focuses on Canadian issues. Dicks is an investigative journalist and an award-winning documentary filmmaker who produces videos and films about issues that the mainstream media often fails to report on, including vaccine safety, the Bilderberg meetings, transhumanism, and more.

3. The Richie Allen Show
Richie Allen hosts the most listened-to alternative radio show in Europe. The self-proclaimed ‘champagne socialist’ brings on guests ranging from anti-5G activists and medical doctors offering alternative coronavirus perspectives to 911 ‘truthers’ and much more.

While Allen is undoubtedly opinionated, he always gives his guests a fair shake and is one of the only journalists who actually challenges what they say. His Irish accent is a delight, and his radio-caller chats shed some light on the true opinions of ‘the common people’ – views that are often censored by mainstream media.

4. Global Research
In an era of so much media disinformation, Global Research aims to give clarity to issues such as the war on terror, climate change, the ‘Arab Spring’, and other major political events.

In addition to the Global Research websites, the organisation is behind The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), an independent research and media outlet based in Montreal that’s involved in book publishing, supporting humanitarian projects, and educational outreach activities, including organising public conferences and lectures. The Centre also acts as a non-partisan think tank on crucial economic and geopolitical issues.

*2021 update: The Global research website has been removed. However, their YouTube site is still up.


5. We Are Change
“News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.” That’s the quote that We Are Change chooses to define itself by, and of course, their goal is to uncover what is being suppressed and to call the ‘advertising’ out for just what it is.

Basically, this is a site that covers everything from economics and GMOs to politics. It’s a site that proposes we don’t just listen passively to REAL news, but that we take action against the powers that be, too.

best alternative news sites

6. The Rubin Report
More an investigative chat show than a news program, Dave Rubin entertains an interesting mix of guests on his show, of all political and social leanings – from Muslim Imams to pro-Zionist Ben Shapiro and everything in the middle.

Rubin is a gay Jewish former stand up comedian who was once a pundit on the left, for the Young Turks. ‘Woke’ culture and a growing wariness of cancel culture made him reject mainstream media and the left. Today, he classifies himself as a ‘classical liberal’, and a ‘passionate free speech advocate.’ The Rubin Report delves into issues and perspectives with a depth the MSM rarely dares to go into and does so with warmth and good humour.

Honest News Sites Way Better Than Mainstream Media

7. StormCloudsGathering
From serious doubts about the origins of the terrorist attacks in Paris to questions about who is in fact behind ISIS, Storm Clouds Gathering presents all the information the corporate media is hiding from us. Presented in clear, simple video format, those behind this independent news site are merely a young couple who no longer live in NATO states, as they believe the leaders of those countries ‘have lost their marbles’. Spend 10 minutes watching SG’s videos, and you’ll tend to agree.


9. Truth In Media
A former local Fox anchor in Cincinnati, Ohio with 2 Emmy Awards under his name, Truth in Media founder Ben Swann had 14 years of experience working as a journalist in broadcast news before he had enough and started his own website, BenSwann.com.

In 2012, he was the first journalist in the world to directly interview President Barack Obama about the Constitutionality of his drone “kill list”. Since then, he expanded BenSwann.com to create TruthInMedia.com, boldly proclaiming the project’s commitment to journalism in its purest form right in its official title.

Honest News Sites Way Better Than Mainstream Media

9. Media Roots
Founded by the former host of RT’s Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, Media Roots may have a strong lefty bias, but it’s still one of the most honest news sites out there.

This is a citizen journalism project that reports the news from outside party lines. Abby believes that just as the root system of a tree is more important than the tree itself, independent media is integral to the foundation and survival of a democracy. Graduating from San Diego State with a Bachelor’s degree in political science, Abby’s Media Roots regularly features exclusive podcasts discussing the latest world events with her brother Robbie.

Honest News Sites Way Better Than Mainstream Media

10. The Off Guardian
Created by former Guardian readers who became disillusioned with the paper’s “increasingly distorted and tendentious news reporting on Libya, the proxy-war in Syria, and the Ukraine Crisis,” it could be said the Off-Guardian acts as something of a watchdog for the formerly left-of-centre British newspaper.

With writers from North America, Britain, and Southern and Eastern Europe, the Off Guardian is one of the most honest news sites around. It is not supported by any governments, institutions or pressure groups, and believes in the sanctity of facts and the concept of truth itself – not merely in that of competing narratives. In fact, part of their logo is: ‘Because facts really should be sacred.”

Honest News Sites Way Better Than Mainstream Media

11. Activist Post
Spiro Skouras is one of the thorough and credible journalists working on this, one of the most liberal honest news sites. Another is Derrick Broze, an investigative journalist and liberty activist, who is also the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com.

The Activist Post covers issues like the dangers of 5G, decentralising power, uncovering government corruption and maintaining civil liberties.

12. 21st Century Wire
Strong advocates of free speech and truth in media, 21st Century Wire calls itself News for the Waking Generation. Founded in 2009, it’s a North American and Europe-based, grassroots, independent news site that works with a core team of writers, researchers, and an array of volunteer contributors who write and help to objectively analyse news and provide a diverse perspective and opinions from around the world.

21st Century Wire writers have appeared internationally on TV, radio and in print, as well as keynote speakers at leading alternative conferences and events. They aim to deliver a consistent stream of independent research on subjects and views that are rarely covered in the corporate-owned and foundation-funded media spheres.

13. The Last American Vagabond
This is one of the most honest news sites with some of the best investigative reporters around! These include Whitney Webb, Derrick Broze and Ryan Christian. All staff work hard to provide real news that the corporate media won’t touch. And they do so in-depth, with credible sources.

They also provide excellent interviews with doctors, scientists and other experts who have been censored and ‘cancelled’ by corporate platforms. Definitely one of the best alternative news sites for those with a curious and open mind.

14. Project Veritas
Specialising in undercover investigative reporting, Project Veritas is another of the most honest news sites around. The site has already revealed so many incredible facts that haven’t been covered by the corporate media at all. For example? They’ve proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that CNN has amped up the Covid fear for ratings, and is planning to do the same to climate change when the virus fades away, for the same reason. This comes directly from the mouth of one of the most important staffers on the channel. Veritas also gives a platform to whistleblowers, such as former Google employee Zach Vorhies, who demonstrated how Google’s algorithm is biased towards politics it supports, and how they planned to censor those who are against their ‘woke’ worldview.

And now…an independent news source in print!
The Light Truthpaper
This is one of the most honest news sites in print and is available as a downloadable PDF. Given the rampant online censorship, which has increased dramatically since this article was first published in 2017, it’s very much worth mentioning.

Founded by a group of British activists sick to death of the lies surrounding the pandemic of 2020, vaccines and more, The Light aims to bring the truth to the masses. Since it’s printed, it cannot be censored or hidden by Google’s algorithms.

Writers include British doctors and health experts, as well as well-known journalists and activists. Subscriptions start at £5, and after just one month, the paper managed to gain tens of thousands of subscribers. They encourage people to share the paper as far and wide as possible, to spread the truth!



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