How the questions that a moderator asks and how they are framed influence how a debate is perceived

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There is no doubt that this past debate was a circus. Between Biden's utter disrespect for the President of the United States by calling him a clown, then a racist . . . then telling him he was the worst president in history . . . then telling him to "shut up." . . . and both Trump and Biden interrupting each other (although I will admit that Trump did far more of the interrupting).

But even if none of that would have taken place, the debate was skewed to reinforce the main stream media's left wing narrative. The questions that the moderator asks and how those questions are framed dictates what is discussed and what the perception of the television audience will be. The questions put Trump in the position of having to defend the many false narratives being pushed by the mainstream media.

Click on the Read More button to read this article to see a breakdown of 11 of the debate questions to see exactly what I mean.

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