iOS code hints at lossless Apple Music streaming

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Apple might not let Spotify HiFi go unanswered. Sleuths at 9to5Mac have discovered iOS 14.6 beta 1 code mentioning "lossless" audio in the Music app, suggesting that a high-quality option might come to Apple Music. It even references Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio, although it's not clear if the more immersive sound would be available through Apple's service.

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The discovery came shortly after Hits Daily Doublefloated an unconfirmed rumor that Apple was planning a "high-fidelity" service in the weeks ahead. It would cost the same $10 per month (making it more of an upgrade than a new tier) and would supposedly launch alongside third-generation AirPods. 

We wouldn't count on a near-term launch, assuming one happens at all. Apple has already removed the code from iOS 14.6 beta 2, suggesting that it was either included prematurely, that the company didn't want to spoil its plans, or that it had second thoughts about the service.

If high-quality streaming did arrive with iOS 14.6, though, it could be a coup for Apple. Spotify HiFi is only slated to reach some countries sometime in 2021. Apple might preempt its rival by weeks and even one-up competitors that have long offered lossless audio, including Tidal. The pristine sound could also be a selling point for AirPods Max — we bemoaned the lack of high-res service support in our review, and lossless Apple Music could better justify the premium-priced headphones.



  • Daniel


    9:04 AM, 16-05-2021

    The advance in technology with sound is amazing! I recorded my first album on a 24 track machine as big as a large copier with tape that was a couple of inches wide. Now anyone can record on as many tracks as your processor and memory will allow on a laptop in your bedroom direct to a plugin hard drive.

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  • Suvir


    12:20 PM, 03-05-2021

    That would be good

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  • Bubacarr


    11:08 PM, 02-05-2021

    Amazing indeed

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  • Mafaz


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