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Irrefutable Proof That Trump Won The Election By A Landslide

There has already been evidence shared in numerous state hearings of the massive fraud that occurred in the presidential election that was held on November 3rd, 2020. The evidence of people voting from out of state, dead people voting, video evidence of cases of votes all for Biden being carted in and entered into voting machines in the middle of the night, evidence of internet connections when they were not allowed, evidence of states violating their constitutions by adding liberal voting laws without going through the legislature . . . then there is all the records from the Dominion voting machines. The evidence is overwhelming, but yet it has been blacked out by the media and the Supreme Court has found tecnicalities to avoid reviewing a case that would present the evidence.

But all this has changed with this irrefutable proof now being revealed by Mike Lindell, the man who founded the "My Pillow" company. Unlike other evidence, this is the actual recording, in real time of the internet packets coming over the internet from servers in foreign countries, mainly communist China, to undermine our election. These internet packets as you will discover in this video gives a massive amount of information about where the hacking came from (IP address, longitude and lattitute, Country, Province and how many votes were switched-note they were all switched from Trump to Biden). It also gives specific information as to where the vote change was loaded (the ip of the machine that the fraudulent data was transferred to, the longitude and lattitude of the building, the state, the county and much more.) The thing is . . . this data involving millions of votes cannot be modified in any way at any time. The only way it came into existence was for that data to have been recorded in real time during the election and archived. That is why Mike had been saying that they "have it all."

In the video we are shown just 20 internet packets showing fraudulent votes being inputted right into voting booths of just some of the many polling places in the 5 swing states. The data shown in those 20 packets shows that Donald Trump won all of the swing states and thus the election in a landslide.

The question is can this video with irrefutable data get out to the American people so there can be pressure put on the Supreme Court to review this evidence? You can help by sharing this video with as many people as you can. I was stunned when I saw this video. There is no way to recreate this data or modify it in any way. This could change everything if we can get this out virally on social media. It will be shutdown on FB, Tw and Insta if you post the link in the description. Follow my instructions in the description. I don't put any information that could get the post taken down in the description area. The thumbnail tells what the video is all about. Instead of putting the link in the description area, I put it in the first comment. FB has shown that it doesn't notice it in the comments and they leave it alone. So when you click on share to share the post on fb make sure you locate that post on your timeline and PASTE THIS LINK TO THIS PAGE WITH THE VIDEO. Let's get this jaw dropping evidence out to all the people who have been brainwashed by the media into believing that there is no evidence of fraud. There has always been evidence . . . but this is irrefutable evidence! Make it your mission to share it with as many people as you can.



  • Daniel


    9:07 AM, 24-06-2021

    Suvir I am really surprised that your response . . . is a link from the Washington Post. So is this how you research? . . . You get on Google and pick a source that is one of the main propaganda tools of the Deep State and you paste it in a comment? Do some real research. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on something I post rather than just posting a link from some mainstream attack piece.

    So you really think that Lindell falsified records of thousands of P-Caps or internet packets that show internet traffic occurred between election servers and foreign servers on the day of the election (and days after)? Those packets show the changing of millions of votes from Trump to Biden. I guess Lindell made all that up right? But then each of the thousands of packets (only 20 were shown) showed the ip addresses of the foreign sources, the longitude and latitude, province, city and country of those sources that initiated the transmission to voter stations . . . as well as the ip addresses of the target election stations, their longitude and latitude, city and state, and county where the vote was changed. If that was not enough the packets also showed the network registration and network code as well as other information. And you believe all that was just made up??? That is why this evidence is irrefutable. This volume of specific data had to be recorded live as the cyber attacks were happening. You cannot create or modify this data. Do you believe they found out all the ip addresses at all the election terminals in all 50 states and they knew all of the source ip addresses and the name of the networks and they made up all the times of the transmission of the thousands of internet packets? Really? And then, if it were possible to falsify all this massive amount of data . . . do you then think that Lindell would have enough guts to introduce something you charge him with making up into a court of law as evidence???

    But before this video there was plenty of evidence of election fraud that was supposedly refuted not by looking at the evidence, but by quoting main stream news' 24/7 drumbeat of saying that Trump's election fraud claims were "unfounded." Or they pointed to the 50 cases that Trump lost in the courts making people believe that that was proof that there was no valid evidence. But the media never mentioned that none of those courts examined any of the evidence and all those cases were lost or dismissed on technicalities. It is now clear that our entire judicial system has been compromised.

    For those that were willing to actually look at the evidence . . . the amount was overwhelming. I listened to dozens of hours of hearings that were held by the state legislators of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. The evidence was compelling . . . hundreds of testimonies of eyewitness voters who saw fraud taking place, election workers pointing out fraud, statistical evidence, video evidence and on and on. There were recorded videos of CNN and ABC live election coverage where right in front of everybody a specific number of Trump votes were deleted from the online tally board and that same specific number of votes was added to the Biden tally . . . in real time on nationwide TV! It happened so fast and the board is always updating so most people did not even notice it. But a few did and they recorded what cannot happen in an election that was not rigged. You can add votes to a candidate on a tally board . . . but you cannot deduct a specific number of votes from one candidate and at the same instantly add that same number of votes to the other candidate. And I am not even going to get into all the evidence about the Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines.

    The testimony from these hearings was so compelling that the legislators from several of these states wrote Mike Pence before January 6th and wanted there to be a time extension granted so that they could change the electoral votes they had cast from Biden to Trump. Pence did not grant their request. Since the election, there has been election reform measures passed in Georgia and Michigan and there is now a comprehensive audit of the vote taking place in Arizona. So the legislators that attended these hearings were convinced by the evidence they examined that fraud had taken place in the elections in their particular state.

    What amazes me is how anyone can think that a man that sometimes cannot string two sentences together and spent most of the months leading up to the election in his basement could get more votes than Obama got in 2008 when he was wildly popular. Does it make any sense that someone who had less than 50 show up to the few rallies he had . . . got 10 million more votes than the man that was having 2 to 3 rallies a day all over the US . . . rallies where he regularly drew crowds of 20 to 30 THOUSAND? Does it make any sense that Biden allegedly received more votes than any Presidential candidate in the history of this country? And yet you don't believe all of the evidence that was presented in November and December in the many hearings much of which was summarized in detailed, documented pdfs. If I were a betting man, I would bet that you probably did not watch any of those hearings nor read any of the pdfs.

    Now if a person were just a hard core liberal, they could say that they don't believe that any of those tens of thousands of affidavits are true, even though the person testifying is doing it under the penalty of perjury and the threat of jail time. Maybe they could say the video was doctored or the statistics were manipulated. But with the video in this post . . . (you did watch it in it's entirety didn't you Suvir?) . . . the evidence is irrefutable! It is impossible to make up all the data in thousands of internet packets when the data can be cross referenced and verified.

    Ray, I am also surprised at you. I thought you knew better than to believe a left wing rag like the Washington Post. Because the evidence in this video is so explosive it is no surprise that they wrote such a voluminous article to attack Lindell and to confuse their readers any way they could. "Nothing to see here folks . . . just evidence that votes were altered in transmissions from Communist China (and a few other countries) directly to computer voting stations in states and counties throughout the country." This should alarm all of us. If our elections are not free of fraud, we have no country. The sad thing is that so many of our politicians have been compromised by the CCP, it is no wonder that they are trying to sweep the evidence of this Chinese attack on our elections under the rug.

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  • hasan


    2:43 PM, 22-06-2021

    This is true

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  • Suvir


    12:13 PM, 22-06-2021


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    • Ray Cooney

      11:02 PM, 23-06-2021

      Interesting article Suvir I especially liked this part " It is much more likely that the conspiracy here is that some tech-savvy guys figured out how to bill a credulous billionaire for weeks of work than it is that this unnamed guy found actual evidence of vote-flipping and, instead of going to the police and becoming a celebrity, he went to a pillow salesman. "

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