It’s now ‘clear’ China is the biggest threat facing the free world

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War with China “may be inevitable” and those in positions of power are finally “being honest” about the threat posed by the superpower, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

Xi Jinping et al. posing for the camera

Home Affairs Secretary Michael Pezzullo recently stated we should “get ready to fight for our liberty” and prepare to send “our warriors to fight”.

“Defence Minister Peter Dutton also admitted on Sunday that Australia cannot discount conflict with China over Taiwan,” Ms. Panahi said.

“Australia must also be prepared to offer asylum to those fleeing Hong Kong, and perhaps Taiwan as well if China’s aggression intensifies.”

Ms Panahi said Australia has a “moral obligation to provide asylum” for those who are genuinely fleeing tyranny, and the country “would be enriched fulfilling this moral obligation”.

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  • Suvir


    7:54 PM, 28-04-2021

    Hope it never comes to all out war. Certainly is economic and political at the moment.

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    • Ray Cooney

      6:34 AM, 30-04-2021

      We all hope and pray that it does not reach that.

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