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First I would like to thank everyone that attended yesterday's workshop, it really makes them worthwhile when those who attend are enthusiastic about the workshops and want to improve their skills using the many features on GIZMOH.

We try to cover things during our workshop that people want to learn which is why I always ask what way members want to go with learning.

Yesterday we watched a video presentation going through the steps of posting a news story on GIZMOH NEWS.

From concept to an actual story from an alternative news site and how to enhance the story for GIZMOH NEWS.

We saw how to make our own channel to contain our story and how to choose an appropriate category from the GIZMOH Categories.

How to post an image inside the article and how to choose a graphic as our display thumbnail.

We then posted the article and looked at how it appeared on GIZMOH NEWS.

We then looked at another video on how to post a Snipp in Social and what the different controls are.

We also looked at creating a live broadcast and how that worked, once we finished that it was time to look at a phone demonstration on posting using our phone on GIZMOH SOCIAL

During that demonstration, my computer lost internet connection so I was able to show how you could quickly return to the meeting room by using your phone with just data and no internet connection.

So that was handy that it happened during a live workshop so that we could see how to get back in the meeting via an alternative method.

I will post a video of what we learned later today on GIZMOH TV so everyone can see how to do those posts.


  • hasan


    10:37 PM, 18-05-2022

    Thanks so much for this wonderful training and share this training video am going to learn something in this video

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