Latest research: Obesity Worsens Outcomes from COVID-19 by nearly 80%

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New studies from Europe and Scandinavia have once again confirmed that obesity worsens outcome from Covid-19 significantly.

The CDC has admitted that nearly 70% of Covid hospitalizations are attributed to obesity.

Having obesity increases the risk of severe illness and death from Covid.
Having obesity increases the risk of hospitalization due to Covid by nearly 80%
Obesity significantly impairs the immune function
Obesity descreases lung capacity and reserve and makes ventilation more difficult if not impossible
A higher BMI ( Body Mass Index ) increases risk of ICU admission, iunvasive mechanical ventilation and death.

Children diagnosed with obesity suffer worse outcomes from Covid. Patients 18 years and younger who are obese are 9 times more likely to be hospitalized and have a 5 times higher risk of severe illness including death.

In the United States alone over 64% of adults are considered obese or severly obese.

So stay healthy folks...   eat right and exercise. Stay away from sugars and alcohol with lots of sugar in it. While I am no doctor, I understand common sense. Check your BMI from time to time. A Body Mass Index of 20 is normal according to the science. If you are over this number, start paying attention.



  • Suvir


    11:45 AM, 04-09-2021

    Those with metabolic issues fair worse. That’s why many poorer socioeconomic groups are disproportionately affected.

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