Laying Down Pride and Vanity for Humanity

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Some situations are more complicated than our personal opinions of what is "right" or "wrong". Some situations transcend political parties and platforms. 

In the two weeks leading up to the US military pulling out of Aghanistan and the Taliban taking control, a network of people around the globe combined their resources and talents to evacuate as many people as possible. The people evacuated were Americans, Brits, Germans, Aussies, foreign nationals from a long list of nations, and Afghans that are high value targets (HVTs) because they've assisted the US military for the last two decades.

The Afghan evacuees were taken many places. Many of them are now living in the US as refugees. There are many opinions being voiced concerning those brought to America. Yes, there is a bigger political picture concerning how the withdrawal was carried out that HAS TO be addressed. Yes, there are questions to be answered concerning China's support of the Taliban and how the takeover has given them unfettered access to opium and lithium. Yes, justice needs to be served to those responsible for all of the lives lost both during the withdrawal and in the twenty unnecessary years of war leading up to the withdrawal. Yes, all of the veterans who have served in Afghanistan and paid unjust, horrendous prices need to be cared for and offered paths to healing wounds that have destroyed the quality of their lives and their families. Yes, there are MANY questions about who will financially support the refugees when America is approaching 150 trillion dollars of debt and the US Congress is about to raise the debt ceiling AGAIN.

But humanity...

As a reminder that beyond every opinion, injustice, political stance, and dollar spent, we are all part of one human race; an Aghan child being housed at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin drew a picture this week. 

One human race. 




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