Life and Death Pt 5

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Life and Death Pt 5-Fact check this! Gov. death statistics that they don't want you to know ... plus the pysop being used to push the jab on everyone

In Part 5 of the Life and Death series titled Fact Check This!, we will get a look at liability for any harm from the COVID-19 shots, as well as the actual statistics of adverse reactions and deaths from the USA, UK, and Europe reporting systems. And as the video says the reported numbers of deaths are only 1 to 10% of the actual number of deaths. The death count in America alone at the time of the making of this video in April of 2021 according to VAERS (the vaccine adverse event reporting system) showed 2,278 people dead. The most recent VAERS reporting as of the end of July shows that the number of deaths has skyrocketed to over 12,000 "reported" deaths. As the video says you can add one or two zeros to that number to get an idea of what the real count is today.

And yet you hear nothing about any of these deaths and adverse reactions in the main stream media or from the government or from the medical community. Why? Because there can be no news that would hinder people from wanting to take the "vaccine" which is not a vaccine at all, but an experimental gene altering jab.

There is the largest Psy Op, (or Psychological Operation) in all of history now being executed against the people of this country and the world. This video will show you the many ways that the unsuspecting and trusting public into taking the COVID 19 shot.

The push for everyone to get the jab has unfolded in stages. First the mainstream narrative was, "you need to take the jab so you can get back to normal. You won't need to wear a mask and you will be able to go to restaurants, ball games and churches. That was enough for a lot of people that were desperate to get their freedom back to get the shot. But there were still a lot of hold outs.

So the second stage was introduced which was to bribe people to take the jab by offering them money, lottery tickets, doughnuts every day for a year, tickets to ballgames and much more. Some more took the jab for the rewards not realizing the high price that they are going to have to pay with catastrophic health issues and for many their death.

The next stage introduced is what is happening right now as of August 2021 when I am writing this. The mainstream media and social media has begun a campaign to vilify anyone who has not been "vaccinated." News reports are calling the hoax variant crisis, a "pandemic of the unvaccinated." Hatred by the "vaccinated" towards the unvaccinated is being stirred up causing division in families and in society. Ironically the narrative that the unvaccinated are a danger to the "vaccinated" is just opposite to what the truth is. You will learn in future videos that those that have been given the jab are transmitting dangerous spike proteins that put those that have not taken the jab in danger. In fact there are stores that are putting up signs that they will only serve those that have not been "vaccinated" because of the risk. So the truth is exactly the opposite of what the media is saying. This stage is meant to put social pressure on those that have not taken the jab to finally give in and get the shot.

What is so deceptive about this third stage we are in is that many of the voices that are telling people to get the shot are conservative leaders that evidently have not been given the truth . . . the science, the data and the warnings spoken from top doctors and scientists in the world. You are getting that information through these videos. But evidently conservative leaders like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantos don't know the truth and are believing the mainstream narrative that the shots are safe and effective. They are neither. These trusted politicians are telling people telling them to get the jab. And many conservatives and Christians are taking the shot because they believe them and all the other voices and the 1.5 billion dollar ad campaign telling them to get the shot.

Despite all this, there are many that are not getting the shot. So they are about to ratchet up the pressure. The rising death counts will soon be acknowledged and blamed on those that have not gotten "vaccinated" and on the new variants (there will be more after delta). No one will connect the deaths with those that have gotten the shot because of the time delay of the adverse effects taking root in people's bodies. The deaths and number of serious health issues will be the reason given for mask mandates and even more authoritarian lockdowns.

Because of the backlash by people who will not put up with their loss of freedoms again, a vaccine passport system will be introduced and embraced by the people. They will make it increasingly painful for those that have not taken the jab to have any normalacy at all. They will probably phase the privileges available only to the vaccinated who have a passport, in gradually, ... initially allowing travel out of your home to essential stores . . . then air travel or across state lines . . . then to an restaurants and churches that are still open . . . and finally to grocery stores.

At this point, the global cabal who have the depopulation and control agenda believe that most people will give in and become "vaccinated." Those that refuse to at this point will be forced to. The nationwide mandate is now in effect in New Zealand and Israel and the Uk is now implementing it as well. What we learned in the Life and Death Pt 1 video is that the shot is not a vaccine. In the paperwork filed by the Pharmaceutical companies with the SEC, the shot is referred to as gene therapy and not a vaccine. It was purposely mislabeled a vaccine, because if it is called a vaccine the government has the authority at some point in the future to make getting the jab mandatory.

It seems like I say that about all the videos in the Life and Death series, but this is a very important video. Please share it with others.

To see an archive of videos sharing vital information about the "vaccine" that has been supressed by the mainstream media, the medical/pharmaceutical industry and the government, go to my "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" web page at On this page you will see interviews of the top doctors and scientists in the world whose voices have been silenced. Share this page with anyone you know that has not yet gotten the vaccine. You could be saving their life!


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