Lismore flooding: before and after pictures show the full scale of disaster

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It is difficult to fully comprehend the destructive impact of the flooding that has inundated the New South Wales city of Lismore.

Picture after picture shows a community underwater, with some of Lismore’s 43,000 residents perched on rooftops waiting to be rescued.

But if we look at what life was like before the floodwaters arrived it is possible to garner the sheer scale of the disaster that occurred after more than 700mm of rainfall fell in just 30 hours as of Monday afternoon.

Here is the Car Lovers car wash in Lismore before and during the floods. In the second image, it is barely visible above the floodwater.

Car Lovers car wash amid the flooding. Photograph: Jason O'brien/AAP

Heavy rainfall in recent years has left hundreds dead or unaccounted for in some of the worst flooding in decades.Now, torrential rains in Brazil's most populous state of São Paulo have caused deadly landslides and flooding,  claiming the lives of at least 19 people,  including seven children, public safety officials reported on January 30, as per Reuters. According to state authorities, nine others were injured, four were missing, and some 500 families were left homeless.  The high waters also forced some 500,000 families from their homes across the state, the hardest hit municipalities being Aruja, Francisco Morato, Embu das Artes and Franco da Rocha. Governor João Doria has authorized 15 million reais (US$2.79 million) of emergency aid for the affected cities.Since December 2021, heavy rains have triggered deadly floods across northeast Brazil, threatening to delay harvests and briefly forcing the suspension of mining operations.Sadly, these extreme weather events are becoming more frequent with climate change—though the phenomena is nothing new. History has recorded some truly terrifying floods, natural disasters that have killed thousands and destroyed homes and livelihoods. Click through and be reminded of some of the worst floods on record.

This is Hunter Street before and during the flooding – from a sunny day to a huddle of umbrellas.

The same view of Hunter Street, inundated by flood waters. Photograph: Jason O'brien/AAP

This is the intersection of Keen and Magellan street. After the floods hit, the entrances to the historic buildings were cut off due to water levels.

This is the Lismore Square shopping mall, not usually the spot to row your dinghy.

Flood waters covering Lismore Square on Monday. Photograph: Jason O'brien/AAP

Magellan Street is usually a busy shopping strip. After the floods hit, the shopfronts are virtually submerged by water.

All that remains visible at Lismore’s McDonald’s are the golden arches as the takeout chain is submerged in metres of water.

Several metres of water have flooded the site. Photograph: Jason O'brien/AAP



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    4:13 AM, 30-03-2022

    It is dangerous to enter the water because you can get electrocuted. I would try to avoid to step in the water if possible.

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    2:56 PM, 21-03-2022

    Serious and scary

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    All this water flood oh my God

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