London March

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Another example of the voices of the people being silenced and ignored by the mainsteam international media.

The silence from BBC News and Sky News is deafening after up to 1 million people marched for your Freedom on May 29th.

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To see an archive of videos sharing vital information about the "vaccine" that has been supressed by the mainstream media, the medical/pharmaceutical industry and the government, go to my "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" web page at On this page you will see interviews of the top doctors and scientists in the world whose voices have been silenced. Share this page with anyone you know that has not yet gotten the vaccine.


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  • Bubacarr


    12:24 AM, 03-12-2021

    Scary march there

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  • Pich


    1:09 AM, 09-07-2021

    Waiting for hell.

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  • David Jackson

    David Jackson

    6:31 PM, 08-06-2021

    Hell is coming soon to the world 👎👇😂

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  • Daniel


    9:25 AM, 01-06-2021

    Suvir, what is the purpose of commenting "DailyExpress News?" Why don't you explain the significance of what you type? Why don't you also explain what you disagree about that caused you to give the post a thumbs down?

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  • Suvir


    7:49 PM, 31-05-2021

    DailyExpress news

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