Lou Dobbs show-video with comments from Dominion's Eric Coomer

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Lou Dobbs show-video with comments from Dominion's Eric Coomer

The main part of this video is an interview of Sidney Powell that I previously featured in a video uploaded to Gizmoh. I repeat it here for those that didn't see it. If you want to read my comments about this interview, see it at

What was missed in that video is what Lou Dobbs said about Dominion prior to the Sidney Powell interview. In his comments about the Dominion software company, he played a video of comments by Eric Coomer. This jumped out at me because I recently shared evidence that Eric Coomer, an executive with Dominion is an anarchist who was on an antifa zoom call. If you did not see that interview that presented that evidence go to
The fact that Eric Coomer is denying culpability by Dominion in a businesslike voice is quite different from his profanity laced rants against America and Trump . . . and his posting of songs of a "dead Prez" and dead policemen. It is frightening to think that this is one of the main people at Dominion that was overseeing the tabulation of the ballots in counties throughout the country.

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