Millie Exonerated let's get this out there for Millenial Millie who stands for TRUTH

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Millie Weaver Exonerated! All Charges Dropped & Case Dismissed!

How does this make you feel? Should you be arrested for telling the truth? Or are we heading to a place where free speech not just in America but the whole world can be questioned and challenged, even if you are innocent the rules have been changed now and not for the good? No longer does Innocent until proven guilty stand now it becomes GUILTY until I say you can go free!

This is not how we should be everything is being turned upside down because those with money or those in power say so, the little man the one that builds the country that fights for his rights, that says I want to be heard is about to be stripped away.

Listen to what Millie says and realize how you will combat this will you stand for justice and truth or do you just want to become a slave?




  • Anthony Palmer

    Anthony Palmer

    10:12 AM, 01-11-2020

    Just goes to show just how low-down the US Gov, is!!

  • Daniel Rydstedt

    Daniel Rydstedt

    1:10 AM, 25-10-2020

    That is good news Ray. Thank you for sharing.

    • Ray Cooney

      9:02 PM, 26-10-2020

      Yes, I was glad to see this as well Daniel.

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