Miner heading to the WA gold fields

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The news of the rich gold discovery at mount Charlotte (WA)in 1893 spread far and, in 1894 some 25,000 men flocked to Western Australia.

Many came to escape the depression gripping Victoria and South Australia.

Over the next decade over 100,00 men, women and children arrived to try their luck. Many came by boat and then walked from the port on their arrival - Albany, Esperance, or Fremantle and trudged to the goldfields with wheelbarrows, camels, and horses to help with their loads.

The richest were those entrepreneurs who sold them the gold mining tools to work with.


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    3:02 PM, 16-06-2021


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  • Suvir


    10:06 AM, 12-06-2021

    Always the middlemen making the most. Getting rich from gold was rare but selling the tools was a sure thing.

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