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Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo (January 25, 1985[1] – February 1, 2018), also known as Mowzey Radio, sometimes referred to as Moses Radio, was a Ugandan musician. He was one of the main performers of the Ugandan music group Goodlyfe Crew together with Jose Chameleone's brother Weasel Manizo (real name Douglas Sseguya).

Born and raised in Jinja District of Busoga Sub-region, Moses Radio attended Kibuye Primary school in Makindye and later, Holy Cross Lake View Jinja for his O'level and later Kiira College Butiki for A'level before joining Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Community Sociology in 2005. Radio released his first solo song, "Tujja Kuba Wamu" in 2004 while at Makerere University where he completed a degree in psychology, before joining the Leone Island Music Empire in 2005. He started as a backup singer along with Weasel behind Jose Chameleone. He had first success in the year 2005 after he had released a reggae love song called "Jennifer", the official stage video for that song was filmed by Ugandan music promoter DJ Erycom.

In 2006, Mowzey Radio released another song titled "Sweet Lady", another well-received song that introduced him to a large fan base in Uganda. In October 2007, Mowzey Radio, Weasel, and Jose Chameleone toured the United States and the Caribbean. Before they returned home, Radio and Weasel had misunderstandings with Jose Chameleone. Following disagreements between Jose Chameleone and the two, they quit the group and formed Goodlyfe Crew, who became successful. Their first song was "Nakudata", followed by "Ngamba" and others. He made music collaborations with musicians such as Rabadaba in the song "Ability" together with Weasel, produced by Just Jose.

In his singing career, he did collaborations with both local and international artists winning awards and several nominations including the BET nominations.

Radio and Weasel had many hits, including: "Ability", "Akapapula", "Bread and Butter", "Hellenah" ft David Lutalo, "Juice Juicy", "Lwaki Onnumya", "Magnetic", "Mr. DJ", "Mukama Talya Mandazi", "Ngenda Maaso", "Nyambula", "Nyumbani", "Obudde", "Potential", "Sitaani", "Zuena", and "(Tukikole) Neera", which played incessantly on most radio and TV stations in Africa in 2014.

Radio is a fifteen-time HiPipo Music Awards Winner. Below are the categories he won.

2018 – 6th HiPipo Music Awards winner

Best Duo/Group Radio and Weasel
Song Of The Year (Uganda) Radio & Weasel & B2C – Gutamiiza
Best Song Writer Moses Radio
2017 – 5th HiPipo Music Awards winner

Song of the Year South Sudan
Sambala by MB Law and Rhapsody Ft Radio & Weasel
2016 – 4th HiPipo Music Awards winner

Best Music Group – Radio and Weasel
Song Of The Year – Juicy by Radio and Weasel
Best Song Writer – Moses Radio
2015 – 3rd HiPipo Music Awards winner

Best Duo/Group Artist – Radio And Weasel
Album Of The Year – Amaaso Ntunga By Radio And Weasel
Song Of The Year – Neera – Radio And Weasel
Best Rnb Song Neera – Radio And Weasel
The Best Duo-Group Artist: Radio and Weasel
The Album of the Year: Obudde Album – Radio and Weasel
2014 – 2nd HiPipo Music Awards winner

The Best Duo/Group Artist: Radio and Weasel
The Album of the Year: Obudde Album – Radio and Weasel


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