MSM personality dares to speak the truth

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Tucker Carlson dares to speak the truth

Tucker Carlson does not have the information that you will learn in the other videos on the "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" webpage. But he did check the VAERS database and learned that the reported deaths from the so called "vaccine" has been 3.500 in just 4 months. And that is just the reported deaths that is said to be only 1 to 10% of the true count. To contrast this, the swine flu vaccine reported about 50 deaths and was shut down. So Tucker Carlson has the courage to ask the questions that nobody else will ask. Anyone that dares reports the thousands of deaths, which are being ignored by the media, is attacked. The question is why? That question is answered in other videos on vaccine page, but I wanted to post this to show that there is at least one renegade show that is mainstream that has dared to question the safety of this shot.

Here is the url to my page . . . . Share it with your loved ones and friends. It is a matter of life and death.


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