Pandemic can be stopped by gargling

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Wouldn't we all like to have a very simple recipe for ending the corona pandemic? Something that requires little effort, costs next to nothing and, above all, causes no further damage? Klaus-Dieter Zastrow, a recognized German hygiene expert, recommends that the population gargle against Corona. His statement: "Then it's over."

Zastrow is chairman of the board of the German hygienists

Zastrow is a specialist in hygiene and an honorary professor and has been the head of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH) since 1998. Between 2011 and 2017 he was a member of the hygiene commission of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and from 2000 to 2016 he was chairman of the board of the professional association of German hygienists. So we are not looking at "just anyone" who fires a shot in the dark, but rather an experienced, recognized expert. Scientists from the University of Birmingham support Zastrow's thesis, they published the results of their research in the "Journal of Oral Medicine and Dental Research": Simple oral hygiene, only performed three times a week, can obviously not only drastically reduce the risk of infection,

PCR and rapid tests do not detect when viruses are inactive

Zastrow recommends a mucous membrane disinfectant with synthetic iodine (Betaisadona) for gargling, which kills all viruses in the oral cavity after just 30 seconds of gargling. The products in question have been on the market for 40 years, have been tested accordingly and come with reliable disinfection reports. Anyone who gargles with it after a positive corona test, however, remains "positive" according to the test, because rapid tests, like PCR tests, do not differentiate between active and inactive viruses - they do not recognize "virus corpses". But: killed viruses are no longer infectious.


The gargle program costs 6.95 months for 5 months

If you gargle every third day, you will use a 50 milliliter pack within 5 months and pay 6.95 euros for it. The state doesn't even have to pay anything. If many join in, the viral load can be reduced significantly, says Zastrow. If (almost) everyone decided to gargle against Corona, there would be no more infections. The hygiene specialist believes that the nose is negligible in terms of viral load. Here the environment is not damp enough for multiplication, there is only a danger with powerful sneezing. Therefore, this area does not have to be rinsed and disinfected.

Zastrow's thesis is also under criticism

Zastrow is in contact with high-ranking politicians and has already made his concept known there. Of course, there are also dissenting voices and criticism of his statements. Dr. Peter Walger from the German Society for Hospital Hygiene, for example, has doubts about fighting pandemics by gargling. The »Gurgeln21« project, on the other hand, takes up Zastrow's thesis and is currently putting it into practice in the Dillingen district - with success according to his own statement.