Pics We Feel Bad For Laughing At Maybe?

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Do you have a really dark sense of humor? Then you’ve stumbled onto the right article. Sometimes, no matter how bad we feel about it, we can’t help but laugh, like when somebody gets upset or embarrassed or sprayed with a ton of printer toner (stay tuned for that one). It’s tragic for them, but it’s hilarious if you’re not them. Keep reading to see some people who got themselves into unfortunate (but also very funny) situations.

Just try not to laugh at these photos. We dare you.

The Ink Cartridge Exploded

This ink cartridge exploded at the exact moment that a woman was trying to switch it out for a new one. You can clearly see where she was standing when it all went down.

exploded printer ink

It’s Not Meant For Adults

This guy managed to break an entire swing set. I would ask how this happened, but I mean, he’s an adult on a child’s swing set. The picture kind of explains itself.

man falls off broken swing

Nice Try

this cat seems to think that he can disguise himself as a bird feeder and get all of the birds to come to him. It’s a good theory, I just don’t think that it’s going to work.

cat in bird feeder box

That Car Must Be Really Smelly

Why does any one person need that many air fresheners in their car? That just seems excessive to me, but I don’t know, maybe their car is just really stinky.

lots of air fresheners in car

Singed Whiskers

Let’s stick with this cat theme for a little bit longer. Who doesn’t love a good cat? This cat got a little too close to the fireplace in his house. He might have some balance issues for a while…

cat with singed whiskers

Poor Grandpa

I have a lot of questions about this multiple choice situation. Who has a grandpa that’s 500 years old? None of these numbers seem like they could actually be the age of a grandfather.

how old is grandfather test question

No Flyers Please

There is a sign on this bulletin board that makes it clear that they don’t want and flyers posted here. They didn’t say anything about fliers, though. That fly has definitely seen better days.

fly tacked to bulletin board that says no flyers

A Very True Statement

Well, you can’t say that this is false advertising. I can guarantee you that the neighbors across the street won’t be making any noise any time soon (unless there’s a zombie apocalypse).

That’s Not Dairy

The next time you say that you’re just popping over to the store to get some milk, you might be totally justified in picking up a bottle of wine too. It is listed under “dairy” after all.

wine fridge in grocery store with

This one I left until last as it was my favourite! I know you are gonna say I have a sick sense of humour.

Boneless Chicken

Well, the sign isn’t entirely wrong. Technically, an egg is just a baby boneless chicken. Thirty-five cents for boneless chicken isn’t half bad, and what’s not to like about eggs?

eggs advertised as boneless chicken



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