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Note: Although the algorithms of Gizmoh News may put this video in the speculation category, there is nothing speculative about what you read below or view in this powerful video. Everything is absolute fact. The videos from Event 201 and the pdf of the Rockefeller Foundation's Lockstep Plan is freely available on the internet for you to verify for yourself the truth of everything shared.

Of all the documentaries I have seen this year, this is the best. It not only covers the Event 201 pandemic simulation that Bill Gates held many months before the virus was released, but it also covers the Rockefeller foundation Lockstep plan which released in 2010, outlined a planned release of a virus that would lead to worldwide lockdowns, economic devastation and authoritarian control of the people. This presentation also talks about the CIA created Project Mockingbird that involved the designed use of the media to brainwash the public. In addition it discusses the use of "fact checkers" to mislead and cover up any truth that does not agree with the mainstream narrative. This presentation also exposes the agenda of Bill Gates to use the vaccine industry to depopulate the world through resulting deaths and sterilization.

This is the one "red pill" documentary that needs to be shared with everyone you can. The importance of getting this information out to the public cannot be emphasized enough. People are taking the vaccine in mass now. The results will be tragic. People will not connect what is happening to them to the vaccine they got a year or two previously. They will believe the narrative that the disease and death that is breaking out is because of "new mutant strains." Those that have not received the vaccine will be blamed for spreading the mutant strains, when in fact it will be those that have gotten the vaccines, whose immune system has been weakened that will be the main carriers of the new strains. The one way that people will be able to fight the planned mutant strains that they are going to release among the population, is, to build your immune system by taking vitamin D, C and Zinc and getting proper nutrition, sleep and exposure to the sun. As you learned in some of the videos by expert doctors and scientists at, when you take the vaccine, your immune system will forever be compromised. Please share this page with your friends and relatives. This is about the health of our loved ones . . . but it is about so much more . . . our freedom, our privacy and our way of life. People need to wakeup NOW and stand up for the truth . . . while there still is time.

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