Press Conference-Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell outline kinds ofvoter fraud to be litigated in court

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Press Conference-Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell outline kinds of voter fraud to be litigated in court

This press conference is lengthy, but it is worth watching if you want to know what kinds of voter fraud has been exposed, Interestingly the mainstream media would not cover the press conference for Americans to see evidence of fraud that was covered. Instead the fake news networks sent reporters to ask adversarial questions that would support their narrative. The narrative since the election has been that there is no evidence of voter fraud. In this press conference the voter fraud was shown to be widespread and systemic nationwide. The specific evidence will be presented in court although some of the over 200 sworn affidavits which gives eyewitness accounts of voter fraud (which is evidence for a court) was shared. Sidney Powell also talke about the shocking fraud of changing votes within the system through Dominion software. If anyone repeats the MSM lie that there is no evidence of voter fraud you need to share this video with them and challenge them to watch it all the way through if they really want to know the truth. I have many other videos in my election 2020 Gizmoh channel that share an overwhelming amount of evidence for you to check out (and share) as well.

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  • Anita Corrigan

    Anita Corrigan

    5:02 PM, 22-11-2020

    This should be a mandatory video in many trainings of the future. Especially all running for office or think they might.

  • Beverly Donato

    Beverly Donato

    9:22 PM, 20-11-2020

    Very good job!!


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