Reminders on rise as WhatsApp update deadline looms

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WhatsApp on phone held against keyboard

Users yet to accept new terms and conditions for the messaging platform WhatsApp will now receive "persistent" reminders ahead of the 15 May deadline.

The changes relate primarily to the way businesses interact with customers.

Since they were announced, in January, there has been concern about the prospect of increased data sharing with WhatsApp's parent company, Facebook, but this will not be changing.

And most of the app's two billion users had already accepted, the company said.

Those who do not will start to lose functionality - beginning with being unable to see chat lists and ending with not receiving video calls and messages - but no accounts will be deleted.

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Following the January announcement, users threatened to boycott the app and rival platforms such as Telegram and Signal saw record downloads.

But WhatsApp said it had been a victim of "misinformation".

WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted, so they can be read on the devices of the sender and recipient only.

In an earlier post, WhatsApp said the data it shared with other Facebook companies included:

  • phone number and other information provided on registration (such as name)
  • information about users' phone, including make, model, and mobile company
  • IP address, which indicates the location of users' internet connection
  • any payments and financial transactions made over WhatsApp

But this does not apply in Europe and the UK, where different privacy laws exist.


  • David Jackson

    David Jackson

    7:57 AM, 06-06-2021

    Well said Ray 👍👌🙂

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  • Calvin


    7:47 PM, 04-06-2021

    Hopefully, this will aid us in showing the Gizmoh way!

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  • Suvir


    2:25 AM, 14-05-2021

    This caused a big influx of people to Signal and Telegram

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    • Ray Cooney

      10:21 PM, 14-05-2021

      It has indeed we need to be watching these trends constantly so we can show others a better and more secure system than the ones they are now using. Lets help show the world the power and security of the GIZMOH ECOSPHERE

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