Robert F Kennedy Jr Speaks

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Robert F Kennedy Jr, whose Dad, RFK, and uncle, JFK were killed by the same cabal that want to depopulate the world through the covid vaccine that is being pushed upon people everywhere. In this 17 minute address before his organization Children's Health Defense, Robert talks about the pharmaceutical companies and vaccines and about the greater agenda of how the COVID vaccine is being used to affect our health and even kill many people . . . take away our freedoms . . . and remove our present way of life. This is a powerful talk by a person who has dedicated his life to expose the pharmaceutical companies and reveal the truth behind the vaccine agenda.

You need to warn your friends and family of the dangers of this experimental vaccine. Invite them to view the videos on my page where I am archiving videos that tell the truth from some of the top doctors and scientists in the world. Invite them to visit
http://www.dryd.us/vaccine . This really is a matter of life and death!

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  • Virginia


    9:25 AM, 31-05-2021

    Suvir, Mafaz, I would tend to believe you are being paid to be disruptive, disingenuous, disrespectful and lastly, unintelligent. To generically throw out the old and trite "conspiracy" tag screams of immaturity and an unwillingness to engage in mature discourse.
    Daniel has spent immeasurable amounts of time compiling documents and videos of very well credited scientists, epidemiologists, and former members of the fascist pharma community. What Daniel is presenting is an abundance of knowledge that should be readily available to the public instead of the CCP, WHO, CDC, NIAID, NIH (et al) narratives that are being repeated, ad nauseam, to a generally over-trusting and inadequately educated public.
    The real CONSPIRACY was hatched many years ago to unleash this pandemic and ensuing "vaccines". They didn't try to hide it. The reality is more the the intentional infliction of death and destruction of health on anyone who falls for the brainwashing.
    Should you need a better understanding that this has been a long time in the making, please, watch this G. Edward Griffin video from 1969. Every degradation of our society and its current condition is a result of actions described within.


    I, personally, take offense to the cheap shots with no reasonable desire for intelligent discourse. In the future, please, provide substantive discussion or refrain from posting. Thank you.

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  • Daniel


    8:08 AM, 31-05-2021

    Suvir, let me get this straight . . . you are saying that Robert Kennedy Jr., one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to vaccines is "caught up in conspiracies?" It is ironic that you should say that about him in particular, because the CIA in the 60's coined the term "conspiracy theory" in response to the assassination's of his uncle JFK and his dad RFK. They did this in an attempt to sell the fallacious Warren Commission Report to the public and discourage any information getting out that would disagree with the government's false narrative.

    Let me make a challenge to you Suvir. Go through RFK Jr's talk and find one thing that he said that is conspiratorial. People throw around the term "conspiracy" and "conspiracy theory" without even knowing the definitions of the words. They use it, because they hear the media and our government use it so much. The CIA strategy has been used throughout modern history to attack anyone who is sharing the truth. What is going on now is not a conspiracy. The definition of conspiracy is a nefarious plan designed in secret. Nothing that the people, like Gates and Fauci, who are behind the Covid Plandemic, has been planned or executed in secret. If you go to the bottom of my vaccine page which was shared in my description above, there are several videos that lay out all of the exercises, war games and a policy paper that scripted out exactly what we have seen happen and what is presently happening throughout the world. This was not a conspiracy. The global elite now share their plans openly. They don't care if you know what they are doing, because they believe it is too late to stop them. You can see for yourself and download the Rockefeller Lockstep paper as a pdf and you can watch the Gates sponsored "Event 201," which scripted out what would happen with the release of a virus . . . MONTHS BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED! You can also go to the World Economic Forum website and pour over hundreds, maybe even thousands of pages and videos that they have archived about how the Covid crisis is going to lead into their planned "Global Reset." Your calling what RFK Jr spoke about as conspiratorial shows that you really are uninformed. The information is available. Get informed. And by the way, this information is not "theory" . . . it is fact. The things scripted out have already been implemented. There is nothing theoretical about this information that was shared in this video.

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  • Suvir


    1:29 PM, 07-05-2021

    Need to be cautious without getting caught up in conspiracies

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  • Mafaz


    11:58 AM, 30-04-2021


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    • Daniel

      8:10 AM, 31-05-2021

      See my comments to Suvir. I make the same challenge to you. Give me one thing in Robert Kennedy Jr's 17 minute talk that was conspiratorial.

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