Russell Crowe's shock at Dionne Warwick's Twitter follow

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Russell Crowe was shocked to find Dionne Warwick had followed him on Twitter.

Russell Crowe wearing a suit and tie

The 'Gladiator' star was bemused when he realised the legendary 'That's What Friends Are For' singer had clicked the follow button on his profile and shared his realisation with his own followers.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "Yeah, you know the moment when you realise Dionne Warwick is following you and you go ... cool... and follow her back"

Dionne has recently become a legend on the microblogging platform and she has been interacting with her fans online, discussing topics of the day. She affectionately refers to herself as "Auntie Dionne".

In one tweet, signing off for the day, she wrote: "That’s enough Twitter for today! I can’t wait to have another wonderfully positive discussion with you all tomorrow. I know just the subject...Winking face. Thank you for humoring me today. Love, Auntie Dionne"

And when one Twitter user questioned if it really was her replying to the Tweets, she quipped back: "I guess I could start blocking unpleasant tweeters like this, right?"

And in one funny exchanged, Dionne revealed she planned to take people's Tweets and go visit the person's parents or grandparents and share the funny things they had been saying.

She wrote: "Instead of promoting my next project I am going to film myself on tour... to your Parents and grandparents' homes where I will read them your tweets."

And when fans rushed to admit they'd probably be in trouble if their family found out what they posted, Dionne joked back: "You can explain to your friends that you can’t hang out (post-covid) because Dionne Warwick got you grounded for your unsavoury tweets."


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