Seeking the healing balm of nature in lockdown

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Author HUGH WARWICK set out to tame a young robin... and in return for the food he provided, it brought him glorious flutters of joy.

Hedgehogs. I love them. I have been involved in hundreds of talks, radio interviews, and TV appearances about hedgehogs. I even do stand-up comedy about hedgehogs, in which I tease bird lovers with the fact that people in Britain love hedgehogs more than birds. The polls prove it.

But I have a secret. I have a deep love for birds, too — and one bird in particular. Not just a single species of bird but one member of that species. My robin.

Seven years ago, I put into action a lesson I had been taught by the writer and biologist Dr. Andrew Lack — a lesson he had been taught by his mother. And that was how to tame a robin.





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