Seriously Funny 2-Clarifying the rules

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This young lady has a monologue that point out how ridiculous and hypocritical the "covid rules" have been. This clip is about a serious subject . . . but I have to say . . . it is seriously funny!!!

This video gives a moment of levity on a page that is vey serious. It is a page full of videos by top doctors and scientists giving you information that is suppressed by media, the medical industry and the government. Share this page with someone you care about that has not yet received the vaccine so that they can receive information upon which they can make a decision on whether or not they should take the jab. That page is at .



  • Bubacarr


    9:50 PM, 22-05-2021

    Sometimes things are just interesting

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  • Ray Cooney

    Ray Cooney

    11:13 PM, 21-05-2021

    They should put her on SNL

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  • Suvir


    12:41 PM, 21-05-2021

    Not always a laughing matter

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    • David Jackson

      1:38 AM, 26-05-2021


    • Daniel

      3:20 AM, 22-05-2021

      The virus and the attempts to push the vaccine on all of humanity to alter dna and create spike protein factories in all those vaccinated is not funny at all. There has already been a suppression of the truth about what happens in the body of someone who has been vaccinated. No one hears about over 3,500 deaths from the vaccine in the first few months nor the hundreds of thousands that have had adverse reactions. None of that is funny at all.

      But what is funny is what this young lady pointed out in showing the mixed messaging, and hypocracy of CDC, WHO, and government leaders. Tell others to wear masks, but don't wear them yourself . . . tell others to lockdown . . . but go to restaurants and beauty solons yourself. Tell people masks are ineffective and don't have to be worn . . . and then they are mandatory everywhere you go (despite scientific studies that show that they are totally ineffective). Using humor to point out the ridiculousness of the mixed messaging is a great way to wake people up. That's why I called it SERIOUSLY funny. This is a very serious situation . . . but the way it has been addressed is laughable.

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